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The world is not always the kindest to gay men. Sometimes, it just seems like we get the short end of the stick. But despite the numerous drawbacks that many of us experience daily, there are so many moments where I just stop and feel all warm and tingly inside about how lucky I am to be gay. So, in this spirit of pride, here are six times we’ve been so thankful to be gay.

1. When a straight person reveals their closed-mindedness

Depending on where you live, this may be a more or less frequent occurrence. But whenever I hear a straight person say something that reveals their sheer ignorance of the world's diversity, it just makes me pity them. The world has so much to offer outside the mainstream heternormative bubble. Gays know that life is much more fun when everything is rainbow-colored.

2. When there’s accidental pregnancies

Anytime I see a straight couple have to deal with an accidental pregnancy, there’s a part of me deep down that’s like, “Wow, thank God I don’t have to deal with that shit.” I think ya’ll can relate, right?

3. When there’s no expectations of being the “man” in the relationship

Compared to heterosexual relationships, gay relationships are more likely to disregard outmoded stereotypes about the role of the “man” and the “woman” in a relationship. A gay relationship is like two intricately cut puzzle pieces that magically fit together to form a perfect union. We’re not so bound by traditional dichotomies, so it’s easier to be ourselves with our loved ones.

5. When the bar TV is showing RuPaul's Drag Race instead of sports

Listen, I love to watch hot sweaty athletic dudes running up and down the field as much as the next guy, but thank goodness gay bar owners realize that this is NOT the vibe we want. Keep RuPaul’s Drag Race on the bar TVs. ‘Nuff said.

6. When I share clothes with my boyfriend

Straight couples really get shafted in this department. When it comes to sharing clothes, it just really isn’t an option for them. Mixing and matching tops with my BF? SO CUTE.

7. When I’m balls-deep in his ass

Last but not least, there’s a moment of clarity and existential confirmation that I get when I’m balls deep in the ass of a hot twink. It’s a little moment of zen where I stop and go, “Gee, this truly is great to be a gay man having amazing gay sex.” It’s really about the little things in life, isn’t it?

There’s an infinite amount of possible timelines in the universe, and you ended up as a gay man. That’s pretty damn special, so feel thankful for it!

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