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When people talk about the fundamental differences between men and women, one of the things that often gets mentioned is how women are multi-orgasmic. Men, on the other hand, are permanently tethered to that bummer known as the refractory period. For lots of us, you may only get one really good cum before you’re obligated to take a nap. This doesn’t always need to be the case though! With the right techniques and training, anyone can effectively become multi-orgasmic! Follow these tips and you’ll be having multiple, minutes-long orgasms every night!


1. Practice Edging

If you’re so tender and virginal that you’re blasting-off after only a couple pumps, then the first thing to do is become a pro in edging. Edging is the practice of working yourself right up to the point of orgasm, but then slowing down so you don’t cum. Rinse and repeat the edging process until you simply can’t hold back anymore. This alone is a great way to bolster your orgasm.

2. Learn about your PC muscle

Get to know your friends, the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. You know--when you're peeing and try to stop the stream, those are the PC muscles. They also have some more interesting uses, like being squeezed to prevent yourself from cumming, thus upping your edging game.

3. Do Kegel exercises

Right now, your PC muscles are probably weak and underdeveloped. Like any other muscle, exercise and resistance training are necessary to build strength. Research different kegel exercises you can do to get a swole gooch. As you continually edge to greater heights with your newfound kegel strength, you’ll find that your orgasms become even more extended and powerful.

4. Get healthy

If you’re not eating a healthy diet and exercising the rest of your body regularly as well, then you’re only hurting your orgasm potential. If the machine is not being well-maintained, then all parts of it will suffer, including your dick. Get healthy and get better orgasms.

5. Don’t use porn

Learn to masturbate without using porn. The excess stimulation can throw off your biorhythms and cause you to cum too soon. Focus on optimizing your technique and ride that line of edging. Without porn, you’ll have better stamina and control.

6. Practice pinching your muscles right as you cum

Once you master all of these previous techniques, you’ll be able to clamp your jizz valve so hard right at the moment of orgasm that you’ll experience an extended, full-body, cum-free orgasm that doesn’t have a refractory period! It's 2018, who says only women are multi-orgasmic?

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