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If you're like us, video chat sex has probably become an increasingly prevalent feature of your sex life. With social-distancing measures very much still in effect in most parts of the world, cyber-sex remains one of the best options for getting your rocks off. But much like in-person sex, video chat sex is prone to awkward stumbles and mishaps. So here's six tips to help lubricate your next video chat sex experience.

1. Figure Out the Logistics First

Much like regular sex, it's gonna go smoother if you prepare. No, you don't have to get a full enema this time, but you do still need to prepare! Pick a date and time in advance and stick to your schedule. Make sure you've agreed on a video chat client and locked your bedroom door. You paid the internet bill this month, right??

2. Lights, Camera, Action

A lot of guys just focus on the "action" part, but lighting and camera are equally important! Make sure your body is well lit, the camera angle is flattering, and the background is devoid of any embarrassing mise-en-scene. If you're still lugging around some hunk-of-junk laptop, then consider investing in an HD webcam. But then again, your skin does look quite soft and smooth in 240p...

3. Don't Answer the Call Nude

"Hello? Yes, here's my erect cock." This should not be the transcript of your video chat. Think of the call as a date. Start things off slow and work your way up to sexy time. The striptease is half the fun!

4. Use Toys and Lube

Now is not the time to show shame! If you're going to be jerking yourself off, then go all out! Don't be afraid to whip out some toys and lube to make the play a bit more exciting. A dildo can function as a surrogate for your lover's cock if you've got some imagination!

5. Sights & Sounds Are Key

Every great film owes half its success to the visuals and half to the sound. Similarly, audio is half of your pallet when it comes to expressing yourself through the medium of video chat. You must ignore how thin your apartment's walls are and project your orgasmic moans and dirty talk with confidence and volume!

6. Switch Between Exhibitionist and Voyeur

Take turns! You can't enjoy his strip tease if you're too focused on sexily removing your own clothes in a seductive and well-paced fashion. So switch off between exhibitionist and voyeur to double the fun!

Video chat sex can be weird, but if you follow these tips then you're guaranteed to have a great time!

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