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Sometimes it is possible to have too much of a good thing. I think we’ve all eaten an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting and can agree, it’s not good. Similarly, if your sex is all climax and no build-up, well that just doesn’t make for a very compelling story. If you’re always giving your man exactly what he wants in bed, he may get bored. Make him work for it. Tease him, and then please him. Specifically, here’s six ways to add more teasing into your foreplay.

1. Start outside the bedroom

The foreplay can begin well before you even enter the bedroom or take your clothes off. Let him know early in the day exactly what you’re going to do to him that night and make him wait. Tease him throughout the day and drive him crazy with desire for you.

2. Go slow

Once you’re in bed, remember to take things slow. A lot of guys like to go from zero to sixty-nine (if you will) as fast as possible. Remember, the key to good foreplay is pacing. Fluctuate your speed to keep him guessing and wanting more.

3. Be unpredictable

Don’t do the exact same thing night after night. Sex shouldn’t be a lazy dance done on autopilot. Try new moves out, or save your best ones for special occasions. ;)

4. Don’t touch his dick right away

Let’s stop beating around the bush. Or in this case, DO start beating around his bush. There are many erogenous zones on the male body besides just his dick. Tease the rest of the body, including his nipples, chest, neck and thighs before you ultimately arrive at the dick.

5. Tickle

Some guys hate this, but a strategic tickle can be a great choice in some foreplay situations. I’m not talking tied-up-tickle torture, but a playful tickle once and a while can be romantic and fun.

6. Use toys and props

Finally, don’t be afraid to use toys and props to enhance your foreplay game. If you haven’t used them before, the surprise on your partner’s face from suddenly introducing a blindfold or handcuffs will be well worth it.

Now get out there and be a cock tease!

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