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Article by Kendra Beltran

So...he hasn't texted, called, or DM'd you in over a week? He could very well be busy with friends, work, life in general OR he could be ghosting your behind.

In a time where technology has made it 100% easier to get to know someone, it's also made it even easier and to drop someone like a bad habit. Ghosting is simple, but getting ghosted is hard AF. You thought you two had chemistry but apparently, you failed that class. Don't worry though, we've got solutions to the help get over being totally ghosted.


Get Under Someone Else

You've heard the saying to get over someone you've got to get under someone else, right? Well if you haven't, here you go. Usually, we're ghosted by someone we thought we had an instant connection with - not someone we've known for years. In that case, get over it and move onto the next. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to do so. The wonderful world of Grindr is at the edge of Grindr is at your fingertips waiting. So go ahead and give everything you would have given to that loser to someone new, and more deserving.

Set Thirst Traps & Ignore

What's weird is that some guys will still follow you even after they've disappeared from the face of the planet. If that’s the case, you can use it to your full advantage. It’s time to let your inner Antoni Porowski shine. The Queer Eye star and our favorite Strokes shirt wearing hottie is a prime example when it comes to setting up the perfect Instagram thirst traps. Take that shirt off, find the best lighting and if he likes what he sees - ignore the hell out of him and let him know how it feels.

Delete, Delete, Delete

Or you can go on an all-out cleaning spree and get rid of the trash dude altogether. Delete his number, Instagram, Facebook, address from your Uber app. Delete it all and walk away. Keeping his information around is just going to tempt you into doing something you’ll regret. Like, texting him every hour on the hour because you are a catch and he has to realize that. See, that sounds insane. You don’t want to be like that, so just go ahead and get to that deleting spree sooner than later.

Treat Yo Self

Like Cher Horowitz in the classic Clueless, shopping when you are feeling down and rejected helps clear the mind and put perspective to your life. If it doesn't, well at least you have new ensembles for the weekend. New clothes are just the beginning too. Don’t stop at the mall. Go wild with it. Get your hair did, nails done, and don’t stop until the credit card company contacts you concerned about all the charges.

Surround Yourself with Love(d Ones)

He did not care enough about you to text back, but your friends and family do. Throw a party, a simple kickback, go out to dinner. Just don't spend your time alone wallowing in a sea of despair. It is not a good look, so don’t go down that dark rabbit hole of blindly looking at your phone hoping that notification about a software update was him realizing he was wrong and you were Mr. Right.

Take a Vacay

Put those saved miles to use and get the hell out of here. Whether it is a long Eat Pray Love situation or just a quick weekend getaway filled with too many drinks and one hell of a one-night stand - just make sure to be safe and have enough fun that you forget all about what's his name by the time you check-in to your Airbnb.

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