By: Andy Zheng

Do you have a well-endowed mans that you would like to please? You’re not sure how you got him to fall in love with you but now you want to make sure he stays. If so, here are 6 tips to ensure that you keep that hung boy by your side.

1. Share turn ons


It might almost seems like a given that he should automatically hit all the right buttons on your body. However, it’s important to discuss your turn ons from the start because neither of you are mind readers. Share what turns you on so he knows exactly how to please you. You should also ask about his turn ons. Sometimes it may feel like trophy boys are supposed to be telepathic and are only there to please, but they need pleasing too. To keep him wanting more from you, make sure you treat him right too.

2. Talk about limits


In addition to discussing turn ons, it is important to discuss limits. Because your mans probably work with a massive tool, it is likely that he might just accidentally impale your intestines without realizing it. If you’re ok with that, then go for it. Other topics that you could discuss may be exploring fetishes, assigning safe words, role playing, or trying different positions.

3. Changing it up


Sex is exciting. The last thing you want is for sex to be a routine. If you notice that you nearly get into the same position every time, maybe ask to change things up. Humans are naturally excited by novelty so if you saw something you want to try, bring it up!

4. No teeth


This is hard. Especially if you’re trying to fit a beer can into your mouth. However, a teeth revokes the trust that he puts into you. Sometimes you accidentally bite down on the meat, but try hard not to do so because he may be more hesitant to leave his package in your mouth. Try alternatives such as licking, using your hands, and stimulating the balls.

5. Be patient


Take things at a slow pace. Make sure you’re enjoying the ride as much as he. If you’re having a great time, then he will also naturally have a great time because joy is contagious. Listen to each other’s’ bodies and go with the flow.

6. Appreciate him outside of the bedroom


No matter how amazing he is in bed, he is also a human who lives outside of the bedroom. Compliment his intellects, his work, or his passion beyond the bedroom. Once in a while you should surprise him with a romantic dinner or a spontaneous trip as a fun getaway. In summary, treat him like a king inside and outside the bedroom.