There's always another fish in the sea. But sometimes, it feels like there's a bit too many fish in the sea! When your dating profile is giving meek little minnow, it can be tough to stand out.

Online dating is composed of roughly two main aspects: how hot you are (which we're going to consider an immutable characteristic here) and how appealing your profile is (which is totally within your ability to change!). Even if you're a jacked hunk with a 13" cock, if your dating app profile isn't compelling, well then you're wasting your time! And similarly, even if you're not in perfect shape or what many would consider to be conventionally attractive, you can still craft a killer profile and seduce your Prince Charming!

Here's 6 ways to stand out!

1. Don't Be Overly Horny

Dating apps aren't real life, but even then, introducing yourself with something like a "hello" rather than a 4K photo of your wet asshole or throbbing cock can go a long way! Obviously everyone on these apps is looking to build a relationship that will involve sex sooner or later, but humanizing yourself during the initial exchange will go a long way to forming a real connection.

2. Clearly Indicate What You're Looking For

That being said, if you truly are precisely looking for someone to tie you up and drip hot wax on your nipples and literally nothing else, be honest! Find a balance between showing you're more than just a sexual object but also be upfront about what you're looking for. Don't wait until the chat to reveal if you're looking for a wholesome relationship or just want to be degraded like a dirty slut.

3. Show Your True Colors

Similarly, your profile should give us a taste about who you are beyond your kinks and what your passions and interests are in your non-horny life. Mutual hobbies and interests can be a much stronger foundation for a relationship than compatible kinks. Your pics don't just need to be your abs, show us your paintings, your volunteer history or you travel highlights!

4. Personalized Photos

Your photos can show your hobbies, but if you want to remain anonymous or don't have good ones on hand, whatever you do don't just resort to cropped torso pics!! Even if your pics are all just thirst traps, at least make them personalized thirst traps that show your unique assets and provide a peek into your specific sexuality.

5. Create Intrigue

Additionally, don't try to conform your profile to some imagined platonic ideal. Show the contradictions and multitudes that you contain. Very few people are actual stereotypes, so embrace that! For example, how could we resist a profile carousel of hyper masc athletic jock photos and a caption about wanting to be a submissive and abused?! Everybody loves originality!

6. Sense of Humor

And perhaps most importantly, a sense of humor will serve you better than anything else on dating apps. You can be horny, but be charming and wittily horny! Find the equilibrium between dick pics and memes and you'll be off the market in no time!