Article by Kendra Beltran

Whenever my mind wanders to car sex, I can't help but think of Matchbox Twenty's "3am." That is because the second time I ever did the deed, it was indeed in a car at the wee hours of 3am. Hey, you can't always be vanilla and knock boots in bed. You have to get adventurous sometimes but let's be real for a second. Car sex has its definite positives, but they can quickly turn into major negatives if you do not go about it the right way. Here are some helpful hints to make your next bang sesh by the dashboard goes smoothly.

Seclusion Is Key

Even if you think you have the world's best-tinted windows, do not try and have sex in your car in the middle of the day in a public lot. You can, by all means, it's a free country but you can get a ticket for that. To avoid being caught and having to pay upwards of $1,000 or even worse, serving jail time...take a second to find a secluded place. Go off the grid a little, or do it on a side street at 3am when there is literally no one out and about to catch you in the act.

Nighttime is the Best Time

Seclusion is one thing, but time can be your best friend when it comes to car sex. People tend to call it a day once it gets dark in certain parts of town. Those twilight hours are your best bet to have the best, uninterrupted car sex.

Backseat Or Bust

The passenger seat is not off limits but to avoid hitting all the switches and gears, just hop in the backseat. It only takes a few seconds to get back there. That way you can go as wild as you want without putting the car into reverse and causing an accident where you then have to be rescued in the nude.

Avoid Hills

For the love of gawd, do not park on a hill and then start moving and shaking your car around. For our friends in San Francisco, find those one or two leveled streets and go for it.

Stay Away From The Stickshift

Again, this is why we suggest the backseat for any and all car sex escapades. One wrong move and your stick shift could knock the car's stick shift out of whack and that's no good. Plus, who wants to try and bang over that center console? It is awkward and bulky and you will be cramping up the whole time.

Stretch It Out

Speaking of cramping up, stretching is a good idea. Especially if you know you might be getting it on in that 2018 Camry. Unlike your bed or a couch which leaves you plenty of room to move around and get comfortable, most cars don't provide that. If you are in the bed of a truck or have an SUV, that is a different story and good for you for having the literal all-terrain vehicle. For those with basic cars, don't ruin the night with a leg cramp. There is no shame in stretching. It does a body (and sexual encounter) good!

Seat Covers Are Your Friends

Sex at its best is always a little messy. We all know how hard it is to get coffee stains out of our seats, can you imagine trying to get cum shots out of your interior? Either invest in some seat covers or have some blankets laid out in the back so that you don't have to have the dealer wonder why you're returning your leased car with all those stains.