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Article written by Maya Vukovska

Working from home has unburdened even the most dedicated fashionistas among us from the stressful urgency to follow the latest trends, and let them loosen up, sporting mainly PJs and baggy joggers. But giving up on fashion altogether would be an unforgivable crime against humanity! 2021 promises to be optimistic and full of bright colors and clothing stripped of the formal part. Let's see what trends gay men can help themselves to in the upcoming spring/summer season.

O Captain! My Captain!

We bet that if he was living today Walt Whitman would have dedicated this poem to a sexy, Gaultier-clad young lad and not to President Lincoln. Add a nautical flare to your wardrobe by choosing a striped shirt or an anchor-covered sweater for your modern-day sailor look this summer.

Don't jog, wear a jogger!

Initially designed and used for sporting purposes only, the sweatpants have left the gyms and the jogging allies to substitute jeans and chinos in the modern man's locker room. In 2021, we are revisiting the rising trend by introducing couture tracksuits. The joggers have now got gold or glittery upgrade, and are mainly oversized. And yes, you can definitely wear it around town.

Elegant minimalism vs. neon yellow craziness

As 2021 will be all about combining clashing prints and styles, there will be nothing wrong with stocking your wardrobe with both chromatic yellow and the ever classic elegant black-and-white suit. Just remember to wear them separately and in a subtle way as you don't want people to turn around after you and think, This guy has issues!

Welcome to Bermuda!

Fortunately, you don't need to travel to the Bermuda islands in order to ride the wave of fashion. The shorts of the same name are the absolute must-have for the summer season. Last summer, the XXS shorts were the queen on the gay fashion scene. Now, they are about to be replaced by ultra-wide, bold Bermudas, in which you can walk in confidence and even go commando!

Rebuking gendered style

Think Harry Styles if you want to be REALLY voguish this year. The guy has been on an (r)evolutionary mission to reprove the gender-orientated fashion by wearing what he feels like wearing and not what he's supposed to wear as a biological male. His recent flamboyant fashion choices are clearly influenced by the musicians he looks up to - Prince, David Bowie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury... And we are talking floral suits, flared pants, pussy-bow feminine blouses, and heeled boots. And you can definitely add a pearl necklace for an extra vintage flare... if your Grandma lets you borrow hers.

Mint fresh is not only for a toothpaste

Don't be a pussy and splash your wardrobe with pastel colors! This spring season, if you are not wearing thistle purple, candy floss pink, or mint green, you are doing it wrong. It takes balls and a Zegna sea-foam suit to go back on track.

(In)Vest in yourself

If you thought that a vest underneath a suit jacket is an ensemble that only some ancient uncle George would wear, think again! Vests have also risen from the dead fashion pieces and now rank among the most trending men's clothing items for 2021. But forget about the most accepted and conventional ways of wearing a waistcoat! You are gay after all, and you can combine it with a turtle neck sweater, a T-shirt, and even wear it on bare skin with a two-piece roomy suit. Just make sure you don't look like a garçon and never wear a black vest with black chinos!

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