Article by Brittany Hancock

You’ve found a nice guy and you’re ready to take him out. The only trouble is, where to go? The initial date is primarily about getting to know one another and testing your capability. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep the first date short and sweet. Here are some great options when first starting out.


One of the classic first date options is coffee. It gives you both the opportunity to sit down and relax while getting to know each other. Coffee is also short. This means you don’t have to feel pressured if you’re not really feeling him. Coffee shops also tend to hold back on the romance. So, while you may like him, you don’t have to feel rushed into getting sentimental. Just have a good chat and decide whether to continue after.


Lunch is a wonderful dinner alternative. It’s typically a shorter duration, but still gives you the time to assess each other in a relatively quiet environment. Dinner tends to be a romantic occasion, while lunch is more casual. This alleviates some of the pressure. This meal is typically budget friendly as well, so you don’t need to be concerned with splurging too much.


If you’re not much of a coffee drinker or you just hate mornings, you can go for drinks. This is a great way to ease those awkward jitters that may arise. Plus allow you some time with your potential partner. A bar can be great a place to keep you entertained as there is often live music or dancing. Which is great if you’re not that big of a talker. Just remember not to get too wasted. A sloppy first date will likely set a bad impression or end in regret.

The Park

For those who like to be active, you can go for a walk in the park. This romantic gesture allots enough time with your new acquaintance without the pressure of constant conversation. You could bring a picnic, play a sport, or just sit and people watch. Parks have a lot of potential without breaking your wallet.


Book lovers can learn a lot about each other’s interest when going to the store. You can explore your favorite authors, topics, and interests while searching for entertainment. This will keep the conversation from turning stale. If things end up going well, you have an easy reason to catch up with them again. You can tell them about the book you got or ask how theirs is.


Maybe you’re not much of a reader. Arcades are bustling with fun and let you show off those ski ball skills. So, you don’t need to concern yourself with them being bored. You can start a friendly competition over an array of games and maybe get them something cute at the end. There’re a couple great adult arcades available where you could even get dinner or drinks after. If you’re not feeling it, you can take off with ease.

Flea Market

If you’re into bargains, flea markets are a great first date idea. Walk through different booths looking for deals while sharing details about each other. You can learn what quirky items they may like. Even watch a show sometimes. Flea markets offer a variety of products and make it easy to spark up a conversation. Plus, it’s a unique idea and they may appreciate your efforts. If you like where things are going you can even choose to buy some items to cook dinner.



Are you good at the roller rink? Try taking your date to one! It’s not too expensive, you can choose the duration, and some are romantic. If you’re curious about your partner’s endurance, skating can be a good work out. Often rinks have a couple’s skate where you can casually hold your partner’s hand. Cheesy? Maybe, but it still can be cute. There’s typically food stands available to grab something after your work out or you can head home. The choice is yours.


If you love art, history, or knowledge in general then consider taking your guy to a museum. It’s an educational experience that you both can benefit from. You can learn about his insights and see how your wits match up. Many are even free, so it won’t break your wallet. Afterwards you can go somewhere quiet and discuss what you liked about the tour.


Escape Room

Puzzle solvers absolutely must try an escape room. If you’ve never been, they can be tricky but fun. Essentially you and your partner attempt to find hidden clues around the room to let you out. They are a great teamwork building exercise. You can get a feel for how you and your prospective lover work together. It also gives you an opportunity to see how clever they are.