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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Nothing is as unmotivating at the gym than a tired playlist. Am I right? Great music while working out can make all the difference between getting your sweat on and walking out to grab a smoothie instead. We don't want you skipping out on your gym time just because you've grown tired of the same tired music that's been keeping you company for way too long. We've collected some of the best and brightest LGBTQ artists you may (or may not) have heard of to add to your brand new gym mix. Don't worry, we have a little something for everyone. So whether you're a fan of pop bops or love hip-hop, we got you. Now, go listen, work out and of course post a gym selfie!

Zac Benson "Deflated"

Making pop music for fans of Troye Sivan and CHVRCHES, Zac Benson's sound screams big city but he currently calls Harrisonburg, Virginia home. Locale aside, his latest single, "Deflated" would be the perfect addition to your chilled cardio routine.

Ames "Between"

Ames isn't just a dynamic pop artist, she's also working in the LGBTQ community for the youth. Her latest album, My Name is Ames just dropped and while it's chalked full of must-listen tracks, it's "Between" that would be the best fit for you and your time on the elliptical.

Jody Leylac "No De De"

With a Caribbean flare, Jody Leylac's "No De De" does Reggae justice in a modern way. However, it's the video that pays homage to the vibrant LGBTQ community with its Lisa Frank color scheme that'll brighten up any workout.

Tafari Anthony "Set Me Free"

Let your Pride flag fly high while you get your sweat on to Tafari Anthony's "Set Me Free." Soulful pop from Canada has never sounded better than the bops this rising artist has on deck.

Blimes feat. Redinho "Snake Skin Boots"

Blimes is an LA-based rapper by way of the Bay area. She's been making her mark in the underground indie scene playing the annual Dinah Shore and touring near and far. Her latest "Snake Skin Boots" featuring Redinho is recommended for anyone looking for motivation to shake their ass and get it into gear at the gym.

Vincint "Please Don't Fall in Love"

Do you love power pop ballads that allow you to sing your heart out while doing the dreaded stair climb machine? Then look no further than Vincint's "Please Don't Fall in Love." With a voice that could do everything from making your heart swell to control a Broadway play, Vincint deserves your automatic "press play" love and attention. You may recognize him though if you were a fan of The Four. It was one of those singing reality shows Only instead of one of those country guys it had Meghan Trainor, Puff Daddy, Fergie, and DJ Khaled in the hot seats judging upcoming talent. Yeah, we didn’t watch but now we wish we did because Vincint is giving us absolute life!

Evan Greer "Assimilation"

Trans activist and amazing folk meets punk singer Evan Greer is like if you took Cake and Frank Turner and created a wonderful musical child. With songs that scream activism and others that showcase her life, the heart and spirit of her album She/Her/They/Them is pure but when it comes to the gym, rock out to "Assimilation."

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