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Article written by Maya Vukovska

My purpose here, as a girl, is not to reveal the mystery behind why so many women around the globe befriend gay men. What I am more interested in, though, is why straight-female / gay-male relationships work so well, and why there are things that gay men can do only with their girlfriends.

There’s a solid reason why gays rely so much on their female BFFs for dating, shopping, family stuff advice, and also in times of breakup, substance abuse crises, family-related catastrophes, etc. First, gay men value girls’ positive attitude towards homosexuality, and second, they are all convinced they’ve found their own personal Carrie Bradshaw or Karen Walker in their best girlfriend.

Of course, there’re tons of things you, as a gay man, can do with your other friends, whether heterosexual, gay, bi, ex-schoolmates, or just ex’s, dogs, cats, canneries, etc... but there are a few precious things you can do only with HER, your best girlfriend of all times.

1. Wear matching clothes without looking ridiculous

Sometimes it happens even without having planned it - you’ve arranged to meet downtown for a cappuccino, and bam! - you both happen to be dressed like matching bridesmaids. No scientist so far has succeeded in solving this Universe puzzle. Probably, you hated “twin days” in elementary school and the massive group themes for every Halloween party. But now it’s different. Now, it’s fun. Matching with your girlfriend makes you feel as being a part of a casual and happy cult.

2. Discuss potential lovers

Since she is not your rival in mating, being with her and talking with her feels as if a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Your friendship is free of love-triangle complications. You love playing Fuck-Marry-Kill with her while swiping photos on Grindr. What’s more, you can be a hundred percent sure that afterwards she won’t secretly text any of the guys she voted fuckable, and leave all the sexy “harvest” to you.

3. Take a thousand pics of each other until you find the right one for your IG post

Even the gayest of your gay friends get irritated at some point when you ask them to do that. Your girlfriend, however, seems to be tireless.

4. Go see a “chick” movie

A muscular guy with abundant facial hair alone in the movie theater watching Dear John? Hm, to the unbiased observer, it can means only one thing: He’s there for Channing Tatum. However, if he’s with a girl, he’s just keeping her company, obviously. But is he, really?

5. Binge-watch Netflix on a Saturday night

Or… go to a lame karaoke bar with her. On Monday, of course, you tell everyone you hit the gym, and played some ball, and then checked the newest gay bar in town, which is so not worth it. Lying is not something you’re proud of, but what can you do when there’re so many enticing things that are so much more fun doing together with a girl!

6. Call and go visit her Mom

And you do it all the time! Because she is gorgeous, and fun, and nice, and is twice the cook your female friend is is! Plus, she treats you like the son she’s never had. And, oh God, doesn’t she look a bit like Raquel Welch?

7. You can always be each other’s “plus one”

While your single friends and her single friends panic over whom they’re gonna bring to a wedding (so that they won’t to be placed at the table of the social dropouts), you can always rely on her to be your plus one. You two always look like an A-list Hollywood couple at such receptions. Besides, you definitely enjoy the envious looks you are given by the non-attractive, badly dressed people, who can’t even dance properly.

Once you’ve found your better (female) half, the world somehow becomes a better place. You’re each other’s safety net, a confidant, and a favorite person to play with. Lovers come and go, but your best girlfriend will always be there for you (fingers crossed!). And thanks God for that, because she was the only one who told you your ex was not a keeper (even before you got to know his last name!), and who understands your reasons for calling your landlord a douche.

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