Article written by Kendra Beltran

We are not even a quarter of the way through 2020, but I think we can all agree that this year is being such an extra bitch that it is not even funny. We all thought 2020 would be this futuristic realm. Instead, we are rationing canned goods, covering our beautiful faces, and are stuck at home. Not cute 2020, not cute at all. But in hindsight these past couple of months (and who knows how many more are to come) have made it clear that we took a hell of a lot for granted when we were free to roam and be free without well, all of this going on. With that, let’s take a look at all of the things we will never, ever take for granted again after this year.

Long Lines at Clubs

We have all been there. Rolled up to the club late, because someone (usually you, don’t lie) had to pregame before they got to the club, and then took way too long to get ready. The line is long as fuck and you are stuck mumbling under your breath for the better part of an hour as you wait to get let in. While that was a nightmare not too long ago, we would all trade an organ to be able to be in those killer lines again. It would mean that eventually, we would be in a club and oh my gawd, we miss the club life so bad right now.


On the flip side, not everyone is sitting there daydreaming about getting back on the dancefloor. Some of us will be happy to return to the simplicities of life that revolved around getting groceries, going to the farmer’s market to scout guys, you know - typical everyday errands that are now shrouded in face masks and gloves. Think we can all agree that ‘The Walking Dead’ made going for a goods run made it seem like a badass adventure. Instead, we’re just in random face coverings trying to get toilet paper.

Toilet Paper

Speaking of...for some reason when 2020 started to take its most drastic turn, toilet paper was the first thing to fly off the shelves. Why? We’re still not too sure but for a minute toilet paper was harder to find than Sherry Pie in season 12 of ‘Drag Race.’ We cannot wait to get back to the days when the last roll of toilet paper in your home was a cause for concern.

Random Hookups

From TP to the D. When the government tells your ass to stay home and not to fraternize with anyone who doesn’t live within your four walls, you take it seriously because we all have to do our part to flatten the curve but that doesn’t mean it ain’t been hard as fuck. Not being able to swipe through Grindr, match, and then be fucking within the next hour has really made us miss the beauty of random hookups like no other. And yeah, we do not want to hear your, “Well, take this time to learn about the person” shit. We. Miss. Dick.


We don’t just miss dick, we miss our best friends. Those not cohabitating with their friends are left to Facetime, text, and call as much as possible but this ain’t 1994. Phone interaction can only do you so much good. We miss meeting up on the weekend for mimosas with the gang, gossipping, and getting messy as fuck over bottomless mimosas. Drinking is fine at home, but it hits differently when you’re with your lovely friends at a brunch spot.

Hair Stylists & Nail Technicians

I really hope everyone really loved ‘Schitt’s Creek’ that much because, by the end of this virus, we’re all going to look like Eugene Levy with them thick ass brows. He rocks them, but the majority of ain’t cute. Neither are our nails. They are wrecked and we cannot wait to be reunited with our beloved nail techs. Don’t forget to tip big either when you get a chance!


There is no place like home, but shit...we are all about to book the best vacations of our lives when we can.