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Article by Brittany Hancock

A sexy massage is an exquisite way to set the mood for a romantic night of lovemaking. However, it's good to know what you're doing before diving in. After all, an unpleasant massage isn't likely to do you any favors. Let's look at seven tips to give him the perfect sensual massage.

Set the Scene

Before you begin your massage, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a settling environment. You want your lover to be as relaxed as possible. Ensure the lights are appropriately dimmed, but not so dark that you cannot see what you’re doing. Adding candlelight to the scenery will not only help with this but allow for a romantic mood. It’s also a good idea to play some soothing music. If you’re both into slow jams, that is always a good choice for heating things up. However, you can also opt for a soothing sound such as a thunderstorm or waterfall.

Prop His Neck Up

It is doubtful you have the luxury of a massage chair, so you’ll want to help him get into a comfortable position. Invite him to spread out on the bed, face down and preferably fully unclothed. The less clothing, the more you have to work with. Face down will give you the best access to his tense muscles. This can be uncomfortable without proper neck support, so be sure to have a small pillow ready. If you do not have one readily available, you can also roll up a towel instead.

Straddle His Back

Now that you’ve set the scene and gotten him into position, it’s time to situate yourself. While standing beside him is a valid way to work the kinks out of his tired body, it would be far more intimate to straddle his lower back. It is important to use your whole body when giving a massage. This is because it is easy to wear yourself out if you only apply pressure using your arms. Be sure to press down with your full body to avoid this. This position will also allow him to feel you rub against his body with your most intimate parts.

Use Oils

Persistent rubbing can cause chaffing. It’s very hard to give a sensual massage when it feels like your skin is being rubbed raw. This is why you’ll want to stock up on proper lubrication. Essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus are excellent for soothing the mind and body. You can also purchase a lotion that will heat up as you rub for an added bonus.

Kneading and Pleasing

Before beginning your massage, you’ll want to do some research. There are specifics points along the body that are more likely to elicit those softs groans and moans we all seek to hear from our lover. While the lower back grabs a great deal of pressure, you’ll want to be careful around this area. The kidneys are located in this area and can easily be injured with too much pressure. For this reason, it’s always good to ask, “is that okay?”. This will let you know whether you need to apply more pressure or back off.

The abdomen, throat, and other sensitive areas should be avoided as well. The shoulders are one place that you will likely find good results. As we go through our day, we tend to tense up regularly around the back of our neck and shoulders. Pay attention to these areas and use your fingers to convey your need to please him. He will let you know if you’ve found a good spot.

Massage His Entire Body

Don’t limit yourself to only his back. Begin at his shoulders, using your thumbs to dig into the tightened muscles of his neck. Continue to his middle back, then lower. Take your time to massage his buttocks thoroughly. Let your hands make their way to the back of his thighs, working out any kinks along the way. Grasp at his calve muscles and let them loosen up with your penetrating touch. Massage his tired feet and pay close attention to the soles. A sensual massage should leave him feeling fully relaxed, so be sure to work his entire body.

Use More than Your Hands

As you continuously touch him and move your entire body against him, he will likely become aroused. If you’re looking to get things going, try using more than just your hands at this point. Placing soft kisses along with your touch will help ease him further into his desires. Try sucking at his neck as you massage his back or fondle him. When you reach his buttocks, don’t be afraid to use your tongue to please him. A massage is a great way to loosen up, but so is a good rim job. Virtually any place that your hands touch, your mouth can do the same.

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