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Article by Maya Vukovska

It’s not always about love hello!

For one, love is difficult to deal with. It requires making regular and costly sacrifices for the sake of a relationship, and this can be exhausting. Of course, it’s wonderful to be in love and feel loved, but, let’s be honest here, sometimes: sometimes you just want to fuck.

You can reduce the risk (and harm!) by following these seven practical tips.

Free your mind

… of all unnecessary expectations. Remember that you are not looking for a relationship. If you go for it expecting just fun with some random dude and nothing else, you’ll feel much more liberated. And the sex will be better! If you find it difficult not to attach meaning to any form of intimacy, that can be a problem!

Don’t blow it out of proportion

If someone online captures your interest, go easier on the ego. It’s not necessary to lie to him that your cock is the size of an anaconda, or that you have a super athletic body. Sooner or later, your casual date will find out you are far from the Herculian type you’ve described, and that your dick is average on its best day. Be upfront about your realities and keep it honest, baby!

Make Sure to Vet Your Hookups' Identity

That’s a rule! With all the catfishing that goes on today, it is important to really make sure you know who you're dealing with. Have them call you on FaceTime or if they're discrete, at least have them send you multiple face photos with some indication that they didn't steal them from someone else (such as a picture of them holding up a thumbs sign).

You never know who you may be dealing with when you're out there trying to get your dick wet-- so make sure you know who you're meeting up with!


Excessive drinking and hooking-up are like water and oil

While a couple of drinks will boost the sexy atmosphere before and during a hookup, five or ten more may kill it. If you are drinking in a bar and you are already rather wasted, you’d better restrain from looking for a hookup. Besides, haven't you heard that drinking makes it harder to get a boner? And we definitely don’t want this, do we?

Negotiate safety issues in advance

Since there’s nothing romantic about casual sex, regard it as a business deal. Always make sure you have condoms with you. Avoid surprises by informing yourself in advance whether he’s into barebacking. If you yourself are, and he’s not (or vice versa) that can be a bummer and ruin it for both of you.

Be respectful (and require respect in return)

If your ex was not into trying new stuff, a hookup provides you with the opportunity to experiment. However, sex is not one-size-fits-all. A hookup sex is supposed to be fun for two. It’s not some competitive sports activity where you are pressured to score high, and win.

Don’t kiss and tell

We live in an unprecedented time in the history of sexual liberalism when one can choose for oneself what to do with their bodies, how often, and whom with. More and more adults are having casual sex. Yet, you’d better keep low profile and resist the temptation to brag about your sexual conquests. And you certainly don’t want your hookups to be telling stories about you! People are still inclined to judge others, and assign negative meaning to such kind of sexual behavior, so you’d better be a gentleman, and keep it to yourself.

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