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Article By: Andy Zheng

The real world is like a supermarket where you can compare the ingredients, brand, and appeal of a product. Here is a list of important qualities to look for when shopping around in life for a potential mate. This isn’t the perfect list and there could be qualities that you don’t deem important or extra qualities that aren’t listed, but you can just add that to your own list. 

1. Looks


Let’s be honest, this is the first thing we notice about a person. Obviously everyone has different taste in a guy, but you should be honest with yourself. While looks aren’t everything, it surely is something. You want someone that you can happily see every day and call “sexy.” Whether it’s the bubble butt or the pecs, whatever makes you click, just go for it. If you like a man that’s put together and not walking around in pajamas all day long, tell yourself it won’t work before things spiral into constant arguments.

2. Tidiness


Just like someone’s look, the way he treats his environment is also quite important. It’s not too much to expect someone to not have trash lying around his room if that’s not something you like. If he constantly has a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, that’s a warning sign of irresponsibility. Most importantly, sleeping with someone who doesn’t shower regularly might also be less pleasant than expected.

3. Ambition


A guy with a dream is sexy. Unless you’re looking for a boy toy (which is completely fine), you want someone dynamic with a dream that he wants to share with somebody. Whether or not his goals in life aligns with yours, that’s secondary. What’s important is that he constantly aims to tackle new goals. A power couple isn’t one that lounges around doing nothing. You want someone who has his own dreams to chase.

4. Commonality


We appreciate each other’s differences but it’s some sense of commonality that brings us together. This can range from anything like language, interests, hobbies to sexual identities, kinks, and fetishes. The more commonality you have, the more there is to talk about. It is what sparks great conversations, especially if they’re things you’re passionate about, which can range from politics to what you like in bed (or wherever you like it). The commonalities will make him a good resource to go to because you can rant to him and have him understand your struggles.

5. Humor


Don’t take life so seriously. Having someone around who will laugh at themselves or occasionally crack jokes is simply exciting. You won’t know what he’ll say next but you know he can cheer you up if you’re having a rough day. Even if you’re just having a normal day, having a guy with a sense of humor will make everyday a fun and exciting day.

6. Honesty


Honestly is one of the most important trait in someone. This is the key to developing trust in him. It relieves you of the stress of wondering whether he’s telling you the truth. In most cases, his honesty will be more valuable than his hidden opinions about you. This must be built from the beginning because once you lose someone’s trust, it’s incredibly hard to get back.

7. Openness


The top of the list is openness. This is the security blanket that makes him the one. Inevitably, there will be bumps in your relationship. However, it’s incredibly important that he’s willing to discuss it openly without reservation. Each party’s intention should be crystal clear so there won’t be unnecessary problems that arise. With time, his openness will provide you with a strong sense of trust and respect. You won’t have to wonder if he’s mad at you because he’ll be asking to chat with you in no time if he were mad.

Of course you may notice that all of these things are also important qualities that you should aim for to be someone else’s ideal candidate. The aforementioned qualities will provide you the foundation for a strong and happy relationship.
Nevertheless, you never know what life can throw at you. Maybe it throws a guy that violates all of the above qualities yet you somehow are still madly in love. Proceed with caution but let life take its course and see where it takes you. You may be surprised.

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