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Article by Brittany Hancock

Caring for someone is a tender moment. You’ve learned to put someone above yourself and welcome the fact that you love them. However, this initial realization can be frightening. The fear of rejection is a troubling feeling and one not to be taken lightly. If you feel you are not quite ready to express those three words vocally, this article is for you. Let’s go over seven ways to tell someone you love them, without saying it.

1. Cook for Him

Everyone needs food to survive, it’s a source of nourishment. By providing food to your lover you’re letting them you know you care about his well-being. You’ll want to be sure to take your time in preparing him a dish, however. Don’t just slap together some microwavable and call it day. Look into preparing a nutritious, delicious meal that will show you took some time. Cooking can be frustrating, and it is often a time-consuming process. If your partner is appreciative, he will know that you took time out of your busy day just to put together something for him. It’s a good way of letting someone know you care, without saying a word.

2. Tend to Him When He’s Sick

Getting sick is miserable. Whether you’re coughing, sneezing, or throwing up it is an inconvenience and often a lot of pain. Naturally, you don’t want to see your loved one suffering. When he gets sick, you can show you care by staying by his side. Make him some soup, rub his aches, and let him know someone is there for him. It’s hard to concentrate, let alone operate during this time. By being there for him you’re showing that you care for him.

3. Doing Chores

Between work and other responsibilities, life can get hectic. One way to show you care about someone is by assisting them with some of their responsibilities during rough times. Doing something as simple as the dishes or throwing his clothes in with yours can really help someone to save time. This suggestion is particularly easier for those who live together, but those who don’t may opt to do these little things while staying over. When he comes home from a long day at work, his mind and body can rest knowing they are coming home to a clean home.

4. Ask How They Are

This one is so simple, anyone can do it. The essential point of showing someone you care for them is letting them you want them to be happy. Of course, there will be times when we are going through hard times. A healthy coping mechanism to these unfortunate events is by talking them out. So, try asking your love about their well-being when you suspect things are abnormal. This allows them the opportunity to vent if they have issues crowding up their mind. It also gives you both a chance to build trust and exchange personal moments. Both are essential for building a healthy relationship and will show how much you care for each other.

5. You Matter to Me

We’ve discussed actions you can take to display your affection, but maybe you’re looking to directly vocalize your feelings without simply saying “I love you”. Whether it be because you’re unsure of exactly what you’re feeling, or you don’t want to scare them off, there are alternatives to those three words. Stating that they matter to you is an affectionate way of showing someone that they are important in this world. Sometimes we can feel down and wonder if anyone truly cares for us. By telling someone they matter, they can find a sense of comfort in this occasionally lonely world.

6. Gifts

Another cute way of showing someone you care is by purchasing a gift. You don’t have to spend a large amount of cash to get your point across. It could be something as simple as their favorite snack or drink. Alternatively, it could be a romantic gesture such as flowers, candy, or a card. However, if you want to really make your offering special try to focus on something that is specifically within their interests. For instance, if they like collecting trinkets, you could pick them a couple new ones for their collection. Choosing from an array of their favorite books, movies, or music would also be a sweet approach. By doing this you not only say “I was thinking about you”, but it shows you pay attention to their wants.

7. Going Out When You Don’t Want To

Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house. When you love someone, though, you make sacrifices. So, if one night your loved one is itching to go see their favorite band or try that new restaurant, you should do it. Sacrificing your comfort zone after a long day is a great way to show them you care about their happiness and place their needs before your own.

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