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Article by Brittany Hancock

Are you looking to really make him squirm? Amazing oral can turn even the prudent into a passionate mess; if only for those last few seconds. Achieving these skills is rarely something that just comes naturally. Typically, you will need to be patient and get acquainted with the do’s and don’ts of oral sex. You can begin by familiarizing yourself with these seven suggestions to improve your head game.

1. Start Slow

While jumping right into sucking his member can be enjoyable in the right moment, it is generally smart to begin slow. Teasing someone is an undervalued seduction method and often overlooked when you’re both heated and ready to go. When the act is rushed through in a heated moment of passion, however, you miss out on the details of the experience. So, while you may be satisfied quicker, try taking your time and letting the moment set itself into motion.
Prolong your suction methods and incorporate your tongue. Make the act itself drawn out even after you’ve teased him. This can be very pleasurable when done right. Try bobbing your head along his shaft in long fluid motions so he can feel every inch of your mouth engulfing him. You’ll have him busting so hard he won’t know where he is.

2. Foreplay

Foreplay is the best way to draw out the moment. Begin by kissing and rubbing your body against his own. Even before you are both naked you can entice his arousal. Run your hands over his back, shoulders, chest, and thighs. Grab his backside and let out soft little moans. Get him excited for what is coming next.

As things get heated remove his clothing slowly. Try kissing and sucking on each piece of skin that you reveal. Don’t think of this time as “before sex” time, really get into it. Let yourself enjoy the arousal that comes with sex and not just the orgasm experienced at the end.

3. Imagination

Before you get to the deed, let his imagination run wild. During your foreplay he will no doubt beginning thinking of all the dirty little things your mouth is preparing to do for him. This will add build up and make it that much better when you finally do give him head. Further, this time is a great moment for you to let your imagination run wild. Plan out what you are going to do, let yourself get turned on by your wild thoughts.

4. Don’t Forget the Frenulum

When the time has come to pleasure your lover, you can implement a few tricks. A sensitive spot on the penis is the frenulum. This spot is located underneath the head of his penis. Try beginning at the of his dick then moving slowly to the underside. Soft, long licks or quick dashes can give him sensual pleasure that will have him clenching the sheets. Tease him more. Work up and down his member with light kisses before finally taking him in.

5. Gauging Reactions

An important part of any sexual act is your partner’s reactions. This can come from the noises they are making or the reactions of their body. Vocalization is generally a good thing. Soft groans or thick breaths let you know you are doing something he likes. Continue that. You may notice his body twitching when you suck faster or slower. Gauge these clues to let yourself know the next step to getting him off. A specific place to notice these movements comes from the penis itself. When sensitive areas are caressed, licked, or sucked his dick will show it’s appreciation by moving. You may also notice his stomach clenching in, signifying he is close. More obvious motions can be head tilting, clenched fists, or a widening mouth.

6. The Power of Spit

You want your motions to be fluid when you are sucking him off. For this reason, you are going to want to keep him lubed with your spit. Naturally, when your mouth is creating the same motion over and over it is going to get dry. It’s a good idea to back off at times and let your hands go to work while your mouth replenishes its saliva supply. Try incorporating your hands in these moments, it’s important not to lose contact with is body. This is also an ideal opportunity for you to catch your breath.

7. Test Your Depth

Don’t shy away from taking as much of him into your mouth as you can. The more of his dick you can fit in, the happier your lover is going to be. Just remember not to injure yourself in the process. A gag reflex is rather natural when placing large objects into your throat and also a good indication if you’ve gone too far.

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