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Halloween is coming up, which means it’s time to get spooky in the bedroom. Regular sex is fine 11 months of of the year, but Halloween time means change your erotic red lightbulb to an orange one. If you’re not bringing the Halloween spirit into your sex life, then you’re missing out. So to help you out, here’s seven scarily sexy roleplay scenes for you and your lover to get spooky with.

Adult Trick or Treater

Nobody is too old for Trick or Treating, especially when you’ve got a costume like THAT on. Ring your lover’s door and ask if he has anything hard and sweet to suck on. Our guess is that he’ll be happy to treat you, no tricks.


Recite the incantation and summon a demonic sex spirit, known as an incubus. You’ll have to sell your soul to the devil if you want to fuck this seductive man-siren… but it’ll probably be worth it.


Is it in? I don’t feel anything... Wait a minute, that’s because I’m being fucked by a ghost! Ahh!! Spooky and sexy!


Put on some fangs and dress up like a dapper ghoul and you won’t know whether you want to suck his blood or suck his cock. When the sun goes down, these creatures of the night come out to play.


Roleplaying as two zombies in heat can help bring out some of your more primal desires. When you try going at it at with flailing your limbs and communicating using only grunts, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Monster Mash

Each of you picks a classic horror movie monster to be for the grand monster ball. Start by doing a ghostly waltz and work your way up to doing the mash… the monster mash.


This is one perfect if you’re dating a bear. I think you get the idea. No need to even wait for a full moon!

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