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Nestled among the casts of are favorite childhood cartoons were some seriously hunky doodles. We got exposed to these buff, heroic or otherwise lovable guys at that prime age of our sexual awakening. I’ll always remember my original cartoon crushes fondly (in some ways they’re the only guys who haven’t disappointed me). So here are some of the sexiest cartoon daddies that taught us the meaning of thirst. ;)

1. Gaston

This beefy, arrogant villain from Beauty and the Beast evoked all sorts of powerful emotions in us. Thematically, Gaston was the foil to the Beast. He was supposed to be the real monster, despite looking drop-dead gorgeous… but isn’t that just the best of both worlds? ;)

2. Aladdin

We love Disney’s choice to have this sexy protagonist spend most the film shirtless. If I ever found a genie in a bottle, I would wish for 1001 nights with this grade-A hunk of man-meat. ;)

3. Shang

First of all, Mulan is basically a film about drag--so, there’s that. But Shang introduced many of us to the concept of a dom top. Yes, daddy, please make a man out of me. ;)

4. Prince Eric

A sexy, swashbuckling romantic, Prince Eric was the ultimate boyfriend material. Even though he helped Ariel get her legs, I bet we’d have to tough time walking after taking a pounding from this stud royalty. ;)

5. Johnny Bravo

This muscle daddy never seemed to successfully seduce the women he encounters in each episode. If only we could have got our hands on him. ;) I wouldn’t have rejected your advances, Johnny!!

6. Goku

They say his penis had a power level of over 9000. ;) This beefy anime hunk was the pinnacle of the male form. The question always has remained though, do his pubes turn yellow when he goes Super Saiyan?

7. Hercules

Throughout the course of this classic film, we watch Hercules go from zero to hero. Simultaneously, I went from unaroused to harder than steel from Vulcan’s forge. ;)

8. Simba

Needless to say, Simba was the hottest hunk from our childhoods. He was and always will be the king of cartoon crushes. And if you aren’t in love with Simba, go back and rewatch the movie, because you will be. ;)

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