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For anyone who doesn't know, a "dom" in the gay world is extremely similar to the term that is often used in the BDSM community. A "dom" is (usually) a top or the person in a sexual relationship who derives joy from overpowering and have physical and emotional influence over their "submissive." If you're a dom, here are 8 hard truths you'll understand...

It Is Hard To Find A True Sub


You'd be surprised how many people think they want to be submissive, but when the time comes they're timid and shy. Because everyone is a "sub" when they want to get in your bed, but have a tendency to get scared when it comes time to give over total control. If you're a dom, you've experienced talking through turn-ons and turn-offs through messages and texts, only to have the potential "sub" get scared and back out.

Always Having to Train Pups


This isn't a PetSmart puppy beginner basics course, this is fucking! Sure, it can be nice to have someone who you've personally trained, but after a while you want someone who understands the ropes without having to walk them through it.

People Thinking Being Dom Has to Do with Dick Size


When it really is about how you use it. Being a dom, it comes with the territory that people will expect you to be endowed even though being a dom has nothing to do with the size of your member. Most doms get discouraged looking to find a sub, only to be shot down time and time again owing to their length. Its about the motion of the ocean!

Everyone Expects You to Be an Asshole In the Streets


You fuck like a monster, you're actually a sweetheart. If you're a dom you understand how much people assume your dominant nature will show in the streets. What they don't understand is that you wanted to be dominating has nothing to do with how you conduct yourself outside of the bedroom.

People Expect You to Be Into Pain


The biggest misconception doms face is that people assume they're into intense pain and causing bodily harm to others when it's actually all about the give-and-take of power between two consensual adults.

It Can Be Hard to Find True Love


Being a sub, for some, is just a phase and you're the flavor of the week. What people don't realize is that you're a highly intelligent emotional creature and would love a romantic connection outside of a quick fuck session.

Sometimes You Want to be Cared For, Too


Because when you're a dom, it can be difficult to find someone who is able to recognize that you're a sensitive human, too, who sometimes needs a good cuddle or five.

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