Article by Brittany Hancock

Foreplay is the best way to set up for steamy, hot sex. Most couples rush through this vital exploration period and hop right into penetration. While an orgasm is wonderful and the goal of your sexual experience, you shouldn't neglect the satisfying aspects of foreplay. Here are eight ways to get the most out of foreplay.

While You’re Out

Foreplay does not have to be limited to just your bedroom time. Try getting things going before you even step through the door. A dark movie theater is a perfect place to make out and get things going. You can even have a heavy foreplay session in the parking lot. You may find yourself exploring new territory for sex. If you are able to contain yourself, you’ll have a passionate night once you finally do arrive home.

Talk Dirty

The power of word is often taken for granted. While you and your partner are groping each other, try throwing in some sexy language to get you both heated. Tell them what you’re feeling. Such as how hard he’s getting you, how you can’t wait to ride him, or how attractive you find him. This will spur on your foreplay and get you both ready for the next move.

Text Messages

If you’re a bit shy, you may not feel comfortable vocalizing your sexual desires. Fortunately, in this modern age text messages can relieve some of the pressure. Instead of speaking your fantasies to your partner you can easily send them a text about what you want to do. This method is great for teasing him at work or while you’re away. Throw in a few tempting selfies to really whet his appetite. Then when he’s home, you’re ready to play out all the things you promised.

Remember Your Youth

Do you recall being a randy teenager who wasn’t quite sure if you were ready to actually attempt sex? If you do, then perhaps you remember those make out sessions that lasted for hours. Little did you know, you were really utilizing the benefits of foreplay. Try to relive these days and expand upon your kissing sessions. Remember all the things you did during these times to explore your partner without actually having sex. By the end of your session, you’ll find yourself such as horny as you were back then.


Foreplay can be appreciated through the use of teasing. Even kissing can be used as a tactful way to tease your partner. Try going for his lips, then backing away slightly. Place your mouth along his jawline, nibble his ears, whatever you can to make it last. Use your hands to touch all the places that turn him on, without actually touching his bulge. If you do this just right, he’ll be begging you to take him.

Break the Routine

It’s easy to get comfortable with doing what you normally do. Maybe you’re a bit vanilla and you enjoy pleasing your partner in the dark. Or maybe you always enjoy the lights on. Either way, it’s time to break out of your normal habits. Try switching up your typical routine for something new. This will keep things fresh when you’re with your partner. If you’re a wild cat in bed, try being sensual with your partner. Be gentle and tempt his body with soft strokes during foreplay. Alternatively, if you’re a romantic lover, try being a bit more aggressive. Pull his hair a bit or run your nails down his back. The new excitement is sure to make your foreplay more interesting and likely lead to a new sexual experience.

Be Playful

Playing with your partner is often overlooked when it comes to sex. Most view this time as a serious moment that should revolve around quenching your partner’s lust. However, being silly with your lover can be just as gratifying as being erotic. The next time you are ready to get things going with your lover, try starting a tickle fight. This unexpected act will have you both laughing and rolling around. You may even initiate a wrestling session. As your laughter progresses, you can throw in some kisses or touches that let’s them know your needs.


The everyday events life throws at us can be very stressful. The next time you and your partner are alone, try offering them a massage. This is a great technique for foreplay and it will relieve some of their tension. Start with his shoulders, back, and legs. Once you’ve worked out all the kinks, try exploring further on his body. This includes his inner thighs, buttocks, chest, and other areas that will likely excite him. Dab kisses on all the places your hands touch. Lick at his body while your hands caress him. This sensual experience will get you both ready for what comes next.