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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Gay, straight, bi...wherever a man falls on the spectrum does not matter. At the end of the day, a single man in his 20s or 30s is still a ma--and that can be a problem when it comes to the place they call home. Have you ever walked into the adobe of a single man and wondered, "How do they live like this?" I bet we have all had that experience at least once (or thrice) in our lives. That's because, for a lot of men, they get stuck in their teenage ways when it comes to how they treat their surroundings. We're sure there's a scientific explanation behind it, but for now, we'll just chalk it up to not knowing some simple ways to take their home from frat to fabulous. But you messy boys are in luck, because we're about to share some hot tips. Because if your home isn't in shape, it could really start to damage other aspects of your life. Like dating for example. No one wants to mess with a dude who is a literal mess. So take note and get to work!

Cleaning Supplies

First and foremost, cleaning supplies. That does not mean a 10-year-old bottle of window cleaner your mom gave you when you started college. We're talking about a nice collection of cleaning supplies kept stocked up under your kitchen sink. So that when and if there is a spill or some dirt, you can get to it right away instead of putting it off. And don't even think you can get away with saying they're too expensive. There are dollar stores around the country that provide cleaning supplies for all your housekeeping needs.

Framed Posters

The last time you should have ever used sticky tac to hang something on your walls was college. If you do still have posters you just can't get rid of, frame them. This takes them from dorky movie poster in a fanboy's living room to an art piece in a sophisticated man's apartment. See, we're not against wall art in any form. We love a pop of personality on the walls, it's just how you go about adhering them to the wall. Frames or bust boys. Frames or bust.

Fandom On Lock

Speaking of fanboys...if you're a guy into collecting things, whether it's sports, comics, movies--just make sure you collect with style. We mean, just don't have stacks of comic laying around. Get yourself some nice storage and display pieces so that you can show off your collection with a sense of pride and cleanliness. Toys scattered about can look messy, but when they are displayed on a nice shelving unit, they have a sense of nostalgic class to them.

Sturdy Laundry Hamper

Nothing is more painful to see in a man's room than (a) Dirty clothes tossed on the floor and/or (b) Those flimsy mesh hampers that are usually reserved for college kids. You're a grown up now. Spend the $20 or so it takes to get a hamper that is void of mesh and that has some durability to it. Also, do not throw your dirty clothes on the floor. Give them a damn destination.

Ditch the Worn Leather Couch

No one has wanted to make out on a couch like that since 1994. Invest in something that's more put together, grown, and isn't leather or a futon. For the love of Gawd, do not put a futon in your home if you're over 22. Talk about a boner killer. No, that's a boner assassin.

Stocked Fridge

Ketchup and wine are not what people want to see when they open your fridge. This isn't just about how others see your fridge, it's about your health too. Fill your fridge with healthy food options so you can get right with your body as well.

Bathroom Trash Can

This is a small thing that a single guy living solo would never think about, but it's nice to have the option to toss a used q-tip into the trash can in the bathroom rather than having to walk through the apartment to the kitchen to throw it away. Sanitation aside, a tiny trash can won't break your bank. It's nice to give your guests who may need it an option to toss whatever they need in the can right beside them while they're on the can.

An Actual Liquor Cabinet

Beer can stacks and walls made of old liquor bottles... Those are a hard no if you're not living in a frat house. Either designate a spot in your home for your liquor to keep it nice and tight in one place, or invest in a nice bar area for you and your guests to enjoy when you're hosting a party. Because, who doesn't think a bar screams, classy?

Follow these tips, and we can guarantee that apartment will start seeing a lot more action.

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