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Article written by Maya Vukovska

This Christmas season is nothing like any other, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make it work just fine. Тhe best way to boost the festive mood is by giving and receiving. Presents, I mean--what did you think? When looking for the perfect present for a gay boyfriend, you have two major options: you can either go mainstream with a gay-neutral gift or be more resourceful and add personality and gayness to your gift. Here are some fresh ideas for Christmas presents that will make your beau love you even more.

My gift is dickalicious for ya, babe

A chocolate life-size dick in a box is a perfect gift for a boyfriend with a sweet tooth. The fun part is that you'll make him eat a dick. Literally.

Fishnet Underwear (by AC, ideally!)

It’s time to put an end to the never-ending debate whether guys in fishnets are hot or not. Men in fishnet shirts or jocks can be sexy as hell!

A yearly supply of lube

This basically means a year-long pleasure guarantee for both of you.

A unicorn

As horses with a horn on their heads do not exist in real life, it would be quite impossible to give one as a present to your significant other. Unless it’s a fluffy, stuffed toy that costs $19.99! What we suggest, though, is to make a real Christmas surprise by bringing into your love life a “unicorn”, i.e. a third person to have sex and fun with. Unless you personally know someone who’s ready to do the job, you can always ask Google for help. Besides, there are certain apps specifically designed for couples who are “curious and openminded” which can help you in your hunt for the right “unicorn.”

7 pairs of fancy-colored joggers

A sporty gay man with a flair for fashion would definitely beg Santa for a gift like that. Why seven? To take an Instagram picture with a different training attire for every day of the week, dah! And don’t forget that the sweatpants must be of the slim-closure type - after all a stomach and thighs like his require a generous display.

A dildo

But not just any dildo. Make it a glow-in-the-dark one.

A video message from a queer celebrity

OK, this one can be hard to provide, but it’s totally worth the try. First of all, make sure you know who your boyfriend’s favorite queer celebrity is. Could be a RuPaul DragRace former contestant, an actor, an LGBTQ activist, or some female gay icon. Now you may think that asking someone like Jai Rodriguez or Nina West to record a personalized message for your boyfriend is a big to-do, a lost cause, but we have a solution to the problem to offer. There’s a platform where you can request videos from a wide variety of celebrities. NB! Prices vary.

A voucher for a trip to a gay-friendly European town

Traveling abroad in times of pandemic is not advisable, but we don’t know how things will turn up in the course of the next year. So, what can be a better gift than spending an unforgettable week in some fashionable, but not clichéd European queer mecca, like Düsseldorf in Germany, Algarve in Portugal, or Maspalomas in Spain. Nothing says, “Happy Holidays!” like “Let’s get out of here!”

A personal stylist

Your BF is a stylish man who always looks superb no matter if he’s wearing sweatpants or a tuxedo. Instead of putting your own fashion taste on trial by picking the right coat, or jacket, or shirt for your man, gift him a clothing subscription. He’ll get a personal stylist, and you’ll be able to unburden yourself from the hard task to replenish the wardrobe of a chic gay man.

Your lover may swear that all he wants for Christmas is you and that he needs nothing of material worth, but don’t fall for this trap. Give him something he secretly (or openly!) desires, and he’ll give you his heart... and maybe more...

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