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Article written by Kendra Beltran

When it comes to you and the man you have been sharing naughty times with, it is just that; sex. There are no feels whatsoever when it comes to wanting to go steady like you are on Saved by the Bell. At the same time, he is your fuck buddy with an emphasis on buddy. So when their birthday or special occasion rolls around you're left wondering, do I get this dick pic turned casual romp a gift? The answer is, well, complicated. You can most definitely get them something but it has to be as casual as the two of you. So here are some gift ideas that will not lead them to think you want more, but show you are like, totally caring and whatever.

A Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are such an easy out when you are trying to think of what to give anyone. Especially the dude whose dick you have been riding because hello, who doesn't 1. Drink coffee and 2. Need more fun glassware in their home? Exactly. You can either go totally chic with it and get him something very modern and one tone, or you can have fun with it and get him something off the likes of Etsy that showcases his personality.


Intimate? Not at all. A scarf is what a grandma gets someone so it's as safe as can be. Be warned though. This can backfire if you go too extreme with it. Avoid loud prints unless you know for sure your casual bae is all about that.

Sleep Mask

For adults, sleeping is golden. It's the hot commodity no one told us we would yearn for when we were kids. So aiding in someone's sleep time is a nice gesture that is fully appreciated.

Gift Card

We all know that when you get someone a gift card it means that you know what they like but not really what they like. It’s like hey, I know you love going into Target but I have no idea what the hell you would walk out with, here is a gift card!

Bath Bomb

Let's be real, most people just get bath bombs to post the results on their IGs. But just in case your cas-honey is all about soaking in a nice, relaxing tub after a long day - a bath bomb set is a way to go. It's intimate but not like too intimate like you got them a mankini or something.

Graphic Tee

I know what you are thinking, a grown man in a graphic tee? Calm down, Judge Judy. Men are allowed to rock these from time to time just so long as they fit correctly, don't have holes, and are rid of stains. Plus, a graphic tee is a fun way to get someone something they can wear around the house or while out running errands. Not to mention you can score some pretty cheap. Never be afraid to hit that clearance bin for a casual romance.


Candles really showcase no real emotion towards someone other than, here is a nice smell I feel like you'd like in your home.

A Book

With a book, you can go so many different routes. Maybe the book is one they wanted, perhaps you already had it and it was taking up space so you passed it along, or just maybe it's something you found on clearance you thought they would like. So many possibilities from a book. If you know he reads or at least likes books on his shelves to make it appear as he does - go for the literary gift.

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