Article by Kendra Beltran

Love is one of the trickiest yet simplest things we can experience during our lifetime. Loving all five of the Backstreet Boys seems impossible, but then you realize that each of them has their highs and lows and it's easier than ever. Okay, not the best example but when you are in love, there are some clear as a summer day in LA signs you can look for that will let you know if this guy's the real deal or just that night's fuck and dash meal.

Unexplained Smiles

When your resting bitch face has been replaced with a constant smile, that's saying a lot. It takes a really amazing partner to make you want to crack a smile in today's world. So when you find someone that brightens your day - even when they aren't around - that is a low key sign that you're in the L zone.

Fewer Selfies & More Usies

People who are in love tend to fall a little less out of love with themselves, in a good way. We become less self-involved and obsessed when we're in love because we realize that um, wow...perhaps I'm not the most important person on earth? Maybe, just maybe I can care just as much about another as I do for myself. Yup, that's love my friend and your camera roll will show it because all those mirror selfies at the club are now traded in for pics of the two of you enjoying not only life but one another.

Walls Are Down

Letting someone into your bedroom in one thing. It's a whole other level when you start to let them into your actual life. Brick by brick, you start to take down the walls that have guarded your heart for so long because this person is worth demolishing them. Big picture though, walls never make anything great.

Home Turfs Are Slowly Morphing Into One

It starts with a toothbrush. Spending the night at someone's house after you hookup is one thing but when you start to stay there just because - you know you're catching feelings. Fast forward to that toothbrush turning into a drawer, and then later the two of you looking at listings. Yeah, casa de love is in full effect.

Bodily Functions Are Free Game

This goes without saying if you are able to just sit with one another and let the gas pass without it being a big ordeal then you have found a major match.

Reaction Predictors On High

It's cliche, but being able to finish each other's sentences is a big deal. It's not only about carrying on an in-sync conversation though. You can also predict what they'll need when you're out and what they want to do when the weekend arrives. That's not because you're a creepster, it's because you're hella tuned into your partner's needs because hello hunty, you care.

Errands Are a Joy Together

There is no one in the world I enjoy grocery shopping with more than my fiance. If you can have fun debating what frozen pizza to get, then you better believe Cupid has struck your ass with one of his arrows.

Not Afraid of New Things

Having reservations about being with someone and doing things with them is a big ol' sign that it's time to move on. So when you do find that person who makes you feel like you can do just about anything and challenges you to expand your horizons, hold on because you're about to experience a healthy ass relationship that's built around trust and love.

Future Plans In Pen

Even making plans with someone you're dating a week out can be daunting because you have no clue if you'll even be together then. When you make plans with someone that are months down the road, you're sure that neither one of you are going anywhere because as of right not, you're in it for the long haul.