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Article by Cameron Yorke

Halloween, no matter where in the world you are, or how hard you try to avoid it, is certainly never the most stylish night to be seen out, in fact, it is probably one of the most difficult evenings of the entire year to get right. There are likely to be more shocks and surprises when you’re out and about on the scene, so let's dissect it and examine the 9 types of guys you’ll see on this epic gay social night.

1. The Jack-O-Lantern.

This guy is convinced he looks good in Orange. From the shoes, the trousers, the shirt or t-shirt- he is feeling really, really festive! Orange colored spray-tans are never right, despite what they tell you on certain reality TV shows. If you must wear orange, use it sparingly - accessories are enough, less is more!

2. The ‘His and His’ Matching Twins

Sometimes they’re boyfriends, sometimes just friends, but whatever the relationship, this couple thinks it’s cute to dress identically.  They spend the entire evening almost joined at the hip, ensuring everyone knows they’re together.

3. The Horny Devil

Usually dressed in very little, red swim trunks don't expect to get more than a kiss on the cheek or on the neck from this guy. He's usually all fizz and no bubble..

4. The Aggressive Predator

This fellow doesn’t pay too much attention to his costume whatsoever, if at all - He’s much too arrogant for that kind of nonsense! He will, however, inevitably be seen in jeans and a T-shirt, eyeing up the trade and watching its progress, before trying to shoot his shot despite not being dressed for the Halloween occasion.

5. The Stylish Observer

Usually a little older, this fellow can usually be seen propping up the bar, nursing his drink as he surveys the scene. He will sometimes be alone, but is also often with a friend  - they like to hunt in packs, pointing and joking as they discuss the appearance of those around them. Of course, they consider themselves much too stylish to bother themselves with fancy dress, particularly for Halloween, but are ready to pass judgment on those who do.

6. The Evil Witch

This specimen is completely over-the-top, in all aspects of Halloween, from the over-sized cape to the large pointed hat, make up an inch-thick, and usually a loud raucous laugh, with opinions to match.

7. The Bloodthirsty Vampire

This man is impeccably made up. Whatever you may think, he is out to possess you, or anyone else he can get his hands on, in fact, he doesn’t really care so long as he can suck… blood, and he will probably have more than one conquest throughout the evening!

8. The Trash Slag

The Trash Slag doesn’t really care about his appearance on this night. He is there to get drunk  whereupon, he will unleash his tricks upon his friends and other bar guests. The Trash Slag is there to cause mischief, period.

9. The Ghoulish Troll

This guy is usually a little unkempt, and doesn’t feel the need to dress up for Halloween - he lives it on a daily basis! He can usually be found hanging solo at the bars, waiting for his next conquest while taking in all the Halloween sites that are being offered, without really having to partake himself.

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