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Article written by Kendra Beltran

If you would have told me as a bright-eyed college freshman that one day I’d write Orgy facts, I’d think...that band my goth friend loved? I was a naive virgin who saw the world through an innocent haze, okay?! But today, we’re talking sex and lots of it, well, with lots of people at least. While I’ve never been because I’m just that innocent, I have a basic understanding of how any orgy works.. but there is still so much I don’t know about the coming together of multiple people for the pleasures of sex! So here we go, let’s learn about orgies, and perhaps it’ll inspire all of us to seek one out at least once before we die!

Four Or More

There is a lot of debate on how many people you need for your group sex to qualify as an orgy. I mean, two is obviously the fucking basic level of sex after masturbating, and three people gets classified as a threesome but who says foursome? Fivesome? That’s why many believe once you find yourself with three more people in bed, that’s an orgy. An introductory course compared to others, but still an orgy at its core.

Orgies Are Old AF

Orgies date back to Greek and Roman times at least. With each civilization pretty much doing similar things. They had these celebrations that included wine, worship, freedom, and so on. Many times that “so on” included sexual experimentation with those who were around. And while we’ve all heard of those, did you know that even our prehistoric brothers and sisters were engaging in group sex? People really into history have dug into our ancestors’ sex lives and yeah, them cavemen weren’t opposed to orgy activity, and like the Greeks and Romans, it often centered around celebrations.

All About That Pace

Let’s be real, great sex leaves you needing a damn Gatorade. So imagine having to keep that same stamina with three or more people? It’s important to realize before you get in too deep that orgies are like the CrossFit of sex. You’re not going to be sitting around chilling. Stretch before, pace yourself during, and take time to recover after.

Masquerade Balls

There are plenty of TV shows and movies that showcase the elite going to these elaborate secret locations, wearing masks, and fucking. That’s not based on nothing! Those masquerade balls that end in sex with way more than just a few people span back to the Italian Renaissance. The elite often couldn’t let it be known they were having sex on that level, so they started to wear masks during their large orgy gatherings. Is that where the term “save face” came from?!

Hippy & the Orgy

History buffs know that humans were pretty free in terms of sexuality until the church started to take over. That’s why nude art started to disappear, and people shifted their ways to be more button-up. That includes how society reacted towards sex. It went from something freeing to something you didn’t talk about in public. Thankfully the free love ways of the hippies in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s started to break down those stuffy walls and with that, orgies got a huge boost.

Orgy Freedom

Exploring your sexuality can be hard for some. What orgies do is help breakdown walls. If you’ve been questioning what you’re into or who you’re into, an orgy is a great way to toss yourself into the deep end. If you’re adventurous when it comes to sex, think of an orgy like a sexual buffet!

So what do you think? Ready for the orgy? I'll see ya there!

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