Welcome to the exciting world of anal bleaching! It’s like Disneyland but stings more. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already made up your mind. But, it should be noted that all new anal bleachers should proceed with caution. There’s serious shit that can go wrong, and the practice is definitely not for everyone. But if you’re committed to de-pigmenting your boy pussy, then read on.

Before you go buying a jug of Clorox, let’s just take things slow. When learning a new skill, you must always being first with the theory. What is anal bleaching? Why do we do it? Well, it all began with pornstars who wanted their bum-holes to look pretty in an extreme close-up shot, just like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. The skin around one’s asshole has to deal with a lot shit on a daily basis (pun 1000% intended). Over time, things get rugged and that created a darker tone than surrounding skin. Of course, this effect is totally natural and happens to everyone. But because we live in the land of the free, you can now bleach your asshole white if desired.

It’s important to understand the risks of anal bleaching before you get going. If you’ve got a particularly sensitive asshole, then be prepared for some stinging and irritation. That’s literally what happens when you bleach your asshole---you’re chemically burning away the outer skin cells that contain increased pigment. Additionally, you gotta do research on which chemical product you’re using. Spoiler: some of the sketchy cheap ones contain known carcinogens. Oops! Don’t want that stuff going up your asshole.

When it’s time to bleach, you have two options. Doing it DIY or having it done professionally. Doing it yourself can be difficult, partly because, unless you’re a contortionist, it can be tough to see. If you’re new, I always recommend having it done professionally. It can be pricey, but will probably be worth it in the end. Most places will have you come in 2-3 over a period of weeks, and the bleaching effect will last around 5-6 months. Some places also now offer a laser option if you really must destroy the darkness of your asshole.

Should you bleach your asshole? If you’re a pornstar or someone whose asshole gets a LOT of viewership, then it may be right for you. To me, part of what makes an asshole an asshole is the coloring. But if you wannna bleach, then bleach! Do what makes you feel happy and follow your dreams.