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These days, I think we all have a better understanding of sexuality as being on a spectrum. To a degree, everyone's a little bit gay and little bit straight, right? But what gets talked about less is the fluidity of sexuality. That is, sexuality's ability to shift and change shape over time. Because if it's not fluid, its icy, and nobody wants a coldhearted ice queen. ;)

If you’re reading this, you likely believe that you have reached some sort of conclusion about your sexuality. Maybe in your childhood you realized that you were gay, and that was that. But never underestimate the fluidity of sexuality. Over time, space, and levels of intoxication, sexuality changes. Your tastes in men may change alongside your kinks, your top/bottom preference, even your opinion of certain genitalia! You must always be open to having another sexual awakening, or you might miss something that your dick is telling you. ;)


By no means am I trying to invalidate anyone’s sexuality, and not everyone will have more than one sexual awakening (or maybe even one). The key is to maintain a state of being open to new experiences and harbor no prejudice against whomever or whatever tickles your fancy.

Also, please don’t run out to a straight bar with intent to kiss the first woman you meet. A change will reveal itself slowly and in a particular human form, who will guide you across the threshold of sexuality with a tender touch.

At the end of the day, you are what you feel you are. But my advice to those who feel total unwavering in their sexuality, if a twist comes knocking on your door, at least answer it and say hello. ;) Remember, you miss all the shots you don’t take. ;)

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