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My analyst assures me, the oral stage I shirked as a baby
Of course I don't smoke, so why do cigars drive me crazy?

My mouth ain't erogenous, I don't stray from mastication.
...could it be? I'm fixated on oral fixation?

Why do I tingle engulfed in cancerous Cubano plumes?
Downright offensive the flavor, and toxic the fumes!

But those lips and those teeth chomping down on tobacco,
They make my heart beat oh-so forte e marcato!

It's a tough situation--I know Sigmund wrote with no malice,
But it does make me cringe when they use words like "fellatio" and "phallus."

With more analysis, I know these weird thoughts will whittle away,
It's such an embarrassing quirk, people could start thinking I'm gay!

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