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There’s a certain emotion that seems to only affect those in the LGBTQ community. You’ve probably felt this emotion at least once, whether it be at the gym, on the metro, or at a bar. Perhaps you don’t know it by name, but you’ve surely experienced that uniquely gay blend of jealousy and lust when you gaze upon a guy so hot that, not only do you want to have sex with him, but you also want to be him. Yep, that hunky, green-eyed monster called jealusty.

I think you know what I’m talking about. You glance over at that hunk on the elliptical who looks just like you, except he's two inches taller and has four extra visible abdominal muscles. He knows the words to all the songs in Pitch Perfect 2, whereas you can barely get through a “Cups (When I'm Gone)” karaoke sess. He’s rich man’s you, and you want to pound his ass so deep that you climb inside and walk around in his skin.

Be warned: this is not a good path to go down.

And sadly, this sick cocktail of horniness and envy is seldom sipped on by straight people. A heterosexual man generally seeks a partner with opposite traits (i.e. a vagina to his penis). It’s that old axiom of "opposites attract." But what’s important to understand is, that principle of opposites attracting also more or less applies to the gay community. Sure, we want a dick to our dick, but on a deeper level we seek men who compliment our traits, physically, sexually, and emotionally. Two notes played one half-step apart are dissonant; harmony requires distance in characteristic.

It’s important to be able to recognize if what you’re feeling is jealusty or a more healthy type of attraction. Jealusty comes from a place of self-consciousness and feelings of inferiority. Always remember that you’re good enough as you are. And if it helps, know that someone surely looks at you with jealusty as well. Men comes in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of attractiveness. Comparing yourself to other men is not a game you want to play. You’re much better off learning to be content with who you are. :)

So next time you catch your souped-up doppelganger looking sexy and interesting as hell out there in the wild, just remember that you’re good enough exactly as you are. Besides, I heard that guy has a tiny dick anyway. ;)

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