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Dear Agatha,

I’m feeling like a sexual deviant and I think I they may just need to lock me up. I have this twisted fetish and and I can’t seem to stop from myself indulging. Anytime the opportunity arises, I will impulsively take a deep, long inhalation of other guy’s used underwear. Dirty laundry is a bane to my existence. Something about the aromas just take me to heaven. Whether I’m at a guy's house and spot a soiled pair of briefs or in a public locker room I notice a discarded, used jockstrap, my nose takes the reigns and I watch helplessly as my body brings the used underwear up to my nose to sniff. Is this immoral? Is this wrong? Am I a bad person? Should they lock me up forever and throw away the key?



Dear Cody,

Everyone has their own kinks and fetishes. Similarly, among the five senses of humans, each person may have a different one most directly tied to their sexuality. Some guys like to watch, some like to taste, some like to feel, and some like to smell. It seems you fall in this latter category. In theory, there is absolutely nothing wrong--or even strange--about loving to get a big whiff of used underwear. It’s a virtual petri dish of the best man-scents that the body can concoct. So sniff away, but something you should be concerned about is the potential invasion of privacy involved in getting these whiffs. It’s not illegal to sniff a boy’s dried ass and dick juices, but it is illegal if you’re breaking into his bedroom to do it. Keep it consensual and it’s all copacetic.



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