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Dear Agatha,

My BF won't stop touching my dick. What began as a charming quirk has become a neurotic fixation and a living nightmare for me. My sweet-as-cherry-pie boyfriend of several years has a bit of an anxiety problem, and it brings him comfort to just hold my flaccid penis in his hand. He's always done this, with my enthusiastic permission, every now and then after sex and in other intimate situations. But now that we're both in quarantine and working from home, he literally never wants to stop holding my penis. It's become a near constant element in my life. I never get to wear clothes any more. My cock must be exposed at all times. I get that this is a tough time mental-health-wise, but his hand has become like flesh chastity belt. Please advise.


Dear Steve,

"To have and to hold", right? I think you should consider yourself lucky. Better to have too much dick-holding than not enough. Besides, this seems like a symbiotic relationship to me. You get a dick massage and he doesn't have a panic attack. If it really becomes a problem, start weening him on dildos. But I suspect you may miss that hand once it's gone.


Agatha Spilltea

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