Dear Agatha,

My roommate and I (both gay) have been hosting weekly Dungeons and Dragons game nights at our West Hollywood apartment. It's a small intimate group of our close friends, and well, most of us are gay. But there's one straight guy, let's call him Steve, who attends as well (he's a Paladin). Steve is gorgeous and seemingly 100% straight, but doesn't mind at all hanging out with us gays. I could be misinterpreting things here, but he even seems to be a bit flirtatious with me sometimes (touching my arm, laughing at my jokes, protecting me from dragon attacks, etc.). I know he's never been with a guy before, but there's a first time for everything right?! How can I make a move without jeopardizing our game night?


Arthur (level 13 Bard)

Dear Arthur,

You need to learn to keep your fantasy separate from reality. If Steve told you he was straight, then that means he is straight and will never be sexually attracted to you. Those little cues you're interpreting as flirting are certainly just him being friendly and getting comfortable with you. He's already the odd-man-out and may be feeling self-conscious about being the only straight guy--don't ruin it by turning his sexuality into a point of contention. Everyone understands that heterosexual men chasing lesbian women is weird and wrong, yet gay men still chase straight guys when the dynamic is essentially the same. Stick to the roleplay and stay in character!