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Dear Andrew,

I’m a twenty-six year old guy and for my whole life I’ve been pretty much considered myself a “masc” guy, even presenting myself as straight on occasion. However, I recently had a sexual experience which has got questioning my whole identity. I was bottom for my boyfriend, and for the first time our screwing began taking on real dom / sub characteristics. He was getting rough with me in a new way, and I couldn’t help myself from yelping a moaning like a woman. After he came, I walked to the bathroom, my hips swaying with uncontrollable sass like a model on the catwalk. Am I really fem and just now realizing it?


Dear Max,

You’re still young; now is the time to be discovering who you are. These questions of introspection are appropriate, but be sure not to jump to any conclusions. Amazing sex can be a powerful intoxicant. That is not to say your sudden feelings of femininity are not genuine. On the contrary, your mind exists in constant flux between the poles of masculinity and femininity. Use your heart as a barometer and be true to the you of the moment. Do not let a history of personal masculinity diminish new, feminine impulses. And conversely, don’t toss away your entire identity for the kink du jour. Explore your feminine side with your boyfriend. Next time go even deeper (so to speak) and see what arises. ;) And always remember: the ocean refuses no river.

Yours faithfully,


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