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Dear Andrew,

Am I an unlovable prude? I’ve recently arrived at a major conclusion with regard to my personal sexual preferences. I’m generally pretty vanilla, but I think I even prefer cuddling over sex! Sure, I still like to get my rocks off every once and awhile, but on a day-to-day basis, I prefer holding my man close while softly caress each other rather than just screw like bunny rabbits everytime we’re in the same room together. In a world where orgasms are everything, who can love a man who just wants to be held?



Dear Christopher,

First of all, no one is unlovable. It’s important to be proud of who you are and always faithfully seek the things you truly want in a relationship. If your propensity for cuddling is a deal-breaker for a particular guy, then ditch him. And besides, of all the potentially relationship-dooming kinks, cuddling seems to be among the least lethal. You deserve someone who will happily cuddle with you forever as you float down the stream of life together like sea otters. Go out and find him. And once you have, make sure to grab him in your arms and never let go.

With love,

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