Article written by Kendra Beltran

Date nights do not always have to be outside your home. There are plenty of things you can do inside that will lead your partner to fuck your brains out. Plus, the best part is that there is no wait time between the date and the sex because you two are already at home! So here are some fantastic at-home date ideas that will lead to the best sex you have had all year.

Attend a Concert

Concert footage online isn’t just a bunch of cellphone videos featuring the worst sound and visuals. You can also find professionally done concert footage and specials. What’s even better about a concert at home is that you can watch the lineup of your dreams. Just go on YouTube, create a playlist of the artists you want to watch, put them in order, and bam! You two will be front row and we all know how music tends to put everyone in a well, good mood!

Sexy Game Night

Whether it is an old fashioned game of strip poker or night filled with a naughty board game - one thing is for sure, you two will end up naked by the end of the night.

Movie Night

Movies can be extremely expensive between the tickets and the snacks. Plus, you can’t really fool around in the theater. I mean, you can but not like you can in the comfort of your own home. So why not set up your own little makeshift theater in your living room? Affordable projectors are out there. Grab one, clear a wall, set up some seats, get the concession stand snacks from the kitchen, and done. Well, not done. We advise making this an adult movie night because you can watch regular movies any old time. Make this a movie night your partner will never forget.

Dinner & Dancing

There is nothing wrong with a classic date night. If you want to go a step further, you two could even cook together. Just make sure there is candlelight and that the playlist for the dancing is on point. A whack playlist could really throw the whole evening off. So much so, it could lead you to going to bed by yourself and you do not want that.

Bake an Erotic Cake

Say you don’t want to go through the whole ordeal of making an entire meal, okay that’s fine. Then just focus on dessert but with a twist. Pick up a couple of erotic cake pans and bake together.

Paint One Another

Let your inner Jack Dawson out and get those pens, pencils, and paints out. Take turns posing nude for one another and don’t worry. This really isn’t about showing off those artistic skills. Oh hell no. This is about getting naked in front of one another and really taking the time to get to take in their body, their whole body. How hot is that?


There are a lot of people out there who live for camping and that’s honestly so great for them but...yeah no, a bitch wants indoor plumbing. So with that, we suggest not getting eaten up by bugs (or worse) and just opting for the more fabulous camping option - glamping. Pitch a tent in your backyard or even your own living room, enjoy things like s’mores and ghost stories, and then fuck under your local stars, or get set up some Christmas lights and go to town under those inside.

Have a Spa Day

Last but certainly not least, a good old fashioned spa day! Face masks, mani/pedis, and of course...end the spa date with a full body massage. Who the hell doesn’t want to get nasty after having hands rub up and down their spine? Exactly.