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When it comes to traveling and getting out and about this year, forget about it! Yes, we would all love to be strolling along an exotic coastline in our skimpiest bathing attire, checking out the hottest dicks on the sand but well, it’s better to play it safe and sit out fine asses at home. Which isn’t all that bad. One, the money we would have spent on plane tickets, hotels, and vacay cocktails can be better spent on upgrading our sexy staycation lewks and well, at home cocktails. So let’s take a look at these fabulous finds that will not only give your closets a much-needed facelift but make your ass ready to set major thirst traps.

Disco Pride Trunk
Usually, we would warn you to stay away from those naughty horizontal stripes but there is always room for an exception, especially when they’re these hip-hugging trunks that will make your dick stand out in the best way possible.

Star Pride Bikini
With this flag on your pole, you are going to have everyone wanting to salute.

Ultra Swim Bikini Thong with Almost Naked
You can never go wrong with a classic thong bikini. This one is great for those looking to tan their buns in the sun while lying poolside. The plus side of this one is that it comes in not only black but neon pink!

Pride Stripe Laurel Swim Shorts
Let your true self shine in these swim shorts featuring the Pride Flag in all its glory. These aren’t just great for the pool or lounging on the porch while you wait for the 27th package you ordered that week, but also for running errands too. Multifunctional, that’s what we love to see.

Popsicle Pride Trunk
Have all the guys wanting to suck it when you post your best selfies wearing these tight ass trunks that feature delicious treats, oh, and popsicles.

Neon Palms Swim Shorts
Live your fully realized Bayside High moment in what we can all agree on are a pair of swim shorts AC Slater would have 100% worn during the gang from ‘Saved by the Bell’s’ summer vacation.

Zipper Bikini
For those who would like to draw a little more attention to their bikini area, this bottom features zippers that allow one to be a bit more revealing when the opportunity arises.

Commando Mesh Gold Laurel Swim Shorts
While these swim shorts are camo, there will be no hiding in them once you pull them up over your fine ass.

Buckle Trunk
Get these in basic black or be a little bolder and go for the aqua pair. No matter what, your friends are going to call you extra because of the buckle, and you know what? Who cares! If there ever was a time to be extra, it is now.

Rainbow Animal Party Micro Bikini
This itty-bitty, teeny-weeny leopard print bikini is for everyone out there who wants to live out their Lisa Frank fantasy this summer.

Anchor Stripe Trunk with Charm
We want nothing more than to see you in this with a sailor hat.

Disco Trunk
Imagine yourself glistening by your pool in these? Then when you can get back to the club scene, these can make the transition from your summer favorites to your best nightlife look.

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