Article written by Kendra Beltran

When it comes to ‘Drag Race’ there is a lot - and we mean A LOT - of content to watch. RuPaul went and made one in every other country on the map, has seasons stacking up in the US, and even gives queens a chance at Rudemption by way of ‘All Stars.’ Ever since the first season that had the queens paired off (choices), it’s been a well, unexpected wild ride. Especially with the whole choosing a lipstick schtick. It can break your heart when your returning favorite goes home, but it’s never not rewarding to see them go above and beyond what they did their first (or second) time around.

So today we salute the queens who masterfully came back to the main stage better than ever - for a myriad of reasons. Whether it was they stepped their runway game up or improved in the Werkroom, these are the queens who had the best glow ups upon returning to ‘Drag Race.’

It’s hard to say Jujubee glowed up because this queen came out of the gate pretty much perfect, but for staying consistently a top...3, we’re giving her the first spot on the list.

When Tatiana first appeared on the show back in season 2, the show was still pretty much in its infancy. It wouldn't go on to become a pop culture phenomenon until a couple of years later. With that, those earlier seasons are known for being a little less than when comparing fashion and whatnot to what ‘Drag Race’ has become. Tatiana was drop-dead gorgeous the first time around but we can’t deny the fashion and performances were dialed WAY come ‘All Stars 2.’

Shea Couleé
Like Jujubee, Shea Couleé's original run wasn’t bad. Hell, Shea almost took home the crown. The glow up here? Shea’s determination. From the moment that queen stepped into the Werkroom on ‘All Stars 5’ fans around the world KNEW Shea was not leaving without the crown and didn’t!

Roxxxy Andrews
There is no denying that Roxxxy Andrews was confident during season 5, but that was dialed up to about a 17 when that lip-sync assassin strutted back in to play the game.

Jiggly Caliente
When you’re known for having one of the absolute worst runways in ‘Drag Race’ herstory, you can only go up and you know what? Jiggly Caliente fucking soared. Since her time on the show, she came out as trans and started to live her life the way she wanted and that happiness shined so brightly on her short-lived time on ‘All Stars 6.’ Damn those sewing challenges!

Watching BenDeLaCreme on season 6 and then later on ‘All Stars 3’ was like night and day. The campy queen stumbled a lot originally but then turned around and fucking dominated. So much so, BenDeLaCreme became more than infamous for writing her name on the lipstick and sending herself home. BenDeLaCreme would have 100% won if that white-out wasn’t backstage.

Blair St. Clair
People afraid to age don’t know the struggle that comes with looking 12 forever. Blair St. Clair knows. There was such an innocence to this queen during season 10 that was hard to shake, but mama shooketh it within seconds entering the Werkroom for ‘All Stars 5.’ Blair St. Clair came with a more adult look and something to prove.

Kylie Sonique Love
This queen went from a beautiful drag queen to a stunning ass drag queen. Like Jiggly Caliente, Kylie has been open about being a trans woman, and when the time came for her to finally make her return to ‘Drag Race’ after having competed way back when on season 2, she didn’t hold back. She dialed that sex appeal up and blew it off the charts. Plus, hands down one of the best entrance lines - ever. Right?

Monét X Change
Monét X Change will be the first to admit that the season 10 looks weren’t it. Once the fashion was in place, the crown wasn’t too far out of reach.

Trinity K. Bonet
Watching season 6, it’s easy to see how guarded Trinity K. Bonet was. Bianca Del Rio had Trinity’s back from time to time, but for the most part, something was holding this pageant beauty from reaching the top. Come ‘All Stars 6,’ Trinity K. Bonet’s mind made a turnaround and it was pleasing to see.

Shangela got the pork chop during season 2 only to be brought back the following season. Then again for ‘All Stars 3.’ Yes, this continuously returning queen has never won the crown but off the show, Shangela has done more than enough to make up for it like I don’t know appearing in Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star is Born’ and attending the freaking Oscars. The thing about Shangela is that the glow up was all about those major career moves!