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We turn to the stars for just about everything from what job to take to who to date, but it is about time we start gazing up at the night sky to find out just how to fuck. Yup, it’s time to put your star sign to real good use and find out just what sex position works best for you and your sexual needs. So let’s waste no more time and get to the goods.

Aquarius: Jerking Off

Okay, so your ruling planet may be Uranus but the best sex position for you has nothing to do with your ass. Nope, because you are an independent person who can be a bit temperamental, you will never be as satisfied with someone else as you are with yourself. That’s right, jerking off will always be number one for you.

Pisces: Spoons

Anything that helps you escape the day to day reality is perfect for you. So while roleplaying gets you going no matter what - the best position for a romantic like yourself is spoons. Imagine, he’s a stable boy from the 17th century and you’re the prince of the castle. He sneaks into your room, you’re on your sides, and he plows you from behind. We can tell you’re already thinking about when and who you can live out this fantasy with.

Aries: Cannonball

A bold fire sign like yourself needs something that not only allows you to be dominating but is very physical. That is why the cannonball is your best bet. You have to have arms built of steel to be able to hold your partner up in the air while going balls deep from behind.

Taurus: Handjob/Teabagging

Where are all the stubborn bulls at? Great, now that you’re all here, let’s get to it. You’re a master when it comes to working with your hands, and you love to take your time in the bedroom. With that, a simple handjob just won’t cut it. You have to also get down and dirty and use that mouth of yours to give your partner's balls a go too! This two-for-one deal is right up your alley and will leave you and them satisfied.

Gemini: Doggy Style

Honey, you couldn’t make a decision to save your life, and the fact that even admitting that makes you nervous lets us know that you’re not the adventurous type. Which means doggy style for you. It’s not the most out-there position, but it works for you.

Cancer: Crab

The moon is on your side. No wonder you are an emotional, yet energetic soul. You need a position that lets you connect with your partner. Gives you that eye contact, that’s why you want to be fucking your partner while on top so you can see them at all times. Plus, cancer...crab, it just makes sense.

Leo: Lotus

Not only are you a fire sign, but you’re ruled by the sun so your passion? It’s BURNING. With that, there is nothing more satisfying on earth for you and your dick than the pleasure that comes from the lotus position. Trust us on this one.

Virgo: Missionary

Practical people want nothing more than practical sex. Missionary is just your speed honey.

Libra: Bend Over

Admit it, you’re a bit of a hippy at heart. You live for the outdoors and that is why you need something that you can do at the drop of a hat or bent over really quickly. Anal sex but sans the need for a bedroom, bed, or walls.

Scorpio: Reverse Rimjob

You love to be teased just so long as it’s sensual. So if your partner could give you the best rimjob of your life, we don’t expect you’d be complaining in the morning.

Sagittarius: 69

If there is one thing you can’t stand, it’s waiting around for something. You like to get right to the point and when you do, you let your guard down and are quite playful which is why intertwining in a classic 69 is perfection.

Capricorn: Pile Driver

Top of your class, employee of the month multiple times, a disciplined person like yourself if dominant as fuckin the bedroom which means you’re always a top and why the pile driver is your go-to move.

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