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Article written by Maya Vukovska

In the beginning, it can be awkward. And clumsy. Yet, with practice comes perfection. Just because the Kama Sutra doesn’t come in a gay version doesn’t mean gay sex is less imaginative and entertaining than straight sex. There exist, in fact, about 200 registered gay sex positions - anal, oral, and group. Some of them, like Soaring Eagle or Elevated Splits, for example, require serious practice, strength, and flexibility. If you are a beginner though, you need to start with something simple, and then upgrade.

Oral sex positions

Some sex laymen may tell you that there’s nothing special about blowjobs. You just put someone’s dick in your mouth and suck it. This, however, cannot be further from the truth. Oral sex can come in many forms and variations, some of which can be literally back-breaking to perform (like Buck Blowjob!). For any beginner, we recommend the classic Boss’s Chair Position. It’s easy to do and can be done anywhere a man can sit. Your partner sits on the edge of a bed or a sofa, and you kneel in front of him. Your face is level with his genitals and you won’t have to bend your neck as much.

69 is another classic. The advantage of this one is that the partners please each other simultaneously. You can add more fun to this position by thrusting your dick in the other guy’s mouth by doing push-ups on the top of him.

Bowing Blowjob is a technique that requires you to be lying, either on your back or your stomach, while your partner is standing with his genitals leveled with your head. You take his dick in your mouth, he bends over you, and while you are sucking him, he’s giving you a handjob or is fingering you (depending again on your lying position).

While we’re still in the oral compartment, let’s talk about rim jobs. Rimjobs are indeed a source of mystification and bewilderment, but the truth is that eating ass is not that messy and disgusting as you might think. And because at some point or another, you’d have to try it, let us recommend a position for you.

The Doggy Style Rimjob is an evergreen. If you are the giver, try to multitask by licking his butt and stroking his balls simultaneously. The guy will be so satisfied, that he’ll buy you a Bentley!

Anal Sex positions

The Bulldog position is an excellent starting point for having anal sex. The receiver is on all fours. If you’re in this role, we suggest that you lie instead of being on four legs, with a pillow below your stomach. Thus, you’ll give an easier angle for penetration.

If you go for the the Lap Dance Anal, and you are the receiver, you sit on the erected cock of your sitting partner, with your back to him. Rest your feet on the edge of the chair and make your partner hold your thighs to help you generate rhythm.

The Butterfly Anal is an alternative version of the standard Missionary position. The giver is kneeling, and the receiver is lying, with his legs around the partner’s hips. The former leans forward on his knees in order to thrust into the bottom.

Our last suggestion is а position which is a bit more advanced, bеcause if the bottom is not flexible enough, it won’t work for both parts. The Deep Stick Anal requires that the bottom raises his leg way above his head. And although during the action he may rest his legs on the shoulder of the giver, the position is still quite challenging. But as they say, no pain no gain.

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