Article by: Claude Shy

It’s happened to a lot of us, whether intentionally or by complete accident. We’ve all come across a guy who is a little more well-endowed than what we’re used to or maybe what we even want. No matter how you feel about meeting that hung top, there are tips and tricks that can help you smooth the interaction. We’re sharing some of our best how-to’s to help you (and that large-and-in-charge hunk) experience the most pleasurable experience.

To Douche or Not to Douche, That is the Question

Most of the prep work that happens for anal sex occurs before you’re anywhere near the top. For a lot of bottoms out there, the first step is picking up that anal douche to avoid any embarrassing moments. Now, what if we told you this could be a mistake? The fact is, anal douching can actually cause you to dry out and make you more susceptible to rips or tears in your bum – ouch. You’re only one tear away from shutting down what could be a great experience and buying a one-way ticket to Pain Town. Not only can this cause severe discomfort, but it also opens you up to some of the infections or maladies that are transmitted sexually. If this is a brand-new guy and you’re worried about making a lasting impression that you don’t want to, it’s easier (and sometimes a lot more intuitive) to increase your fiber intake and skip the douche. Maybe being totally clean is your thing and you’re willing to sacrifice a little comfort. It’s your choice, but if he’s big enough that you’re reading this, don’t say you weren’t warned!

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Getting wrapped up in the heat of the moment and jumping straight to anal intercourse is an easy trap to fall into. Actually, sometimes performing oral or other sex acts seems more intimate and vulnerable than performing anal alone. Unfortunately, a bum without warmup can be just as vulnerable. If you have a partner that doesn’t mind starting with rubbing, fingers or rimming, take advantage of that! You’ll surely notice your body start to relax and “get in the mood” for anal sex. If the guy is particularly hung, this will save you a lot of time and discomfort in the long run. While your mind and your heart may be ready for all of him, your ass may not be.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Lube

It’s no secret that lube is the key to a successful anal session. The amount and the type you decide to use can play a big part in how the sex turns out, though. If you stand in front of the selection of lubes scratching your head over which brand or type to buy, you’re not alone. Here’s some advice. Water-based lube tends to be cheaper and less oily-feeling than a silicone lube. That being said, your anus can actually absorb some of the water in the water-based lube and leave your insides irritated and – you guessed it – more susceptible to tears or rips. When it comes to anal, silicone is the better way to go. There’s a catch, however. Silicone lube and condoms can have a bad interaction. Due to condoms typically containing latex and silicone lube containing silicone, the friction can cause a condom to rip. The horror. But there’s good news! Latex-free condoms and condom-compatible (non-water-based) lube exist! Look into what you’re buying and make sure you have the right recipe for success. You don’t want a torn bum nor a torn condom, so read up!

Take Things Easy

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s often overlooked. Let’s say you get to this very step. You’ve done everything in your power to prep as well as possible for this moment. Once your top is fully inserted, you may have your “YASSSSS!” moment and think you’re in the clear. Hold on, pal. Slow and steady does, in fact, win the race. Allow your body to adjust to what you’re receiving and to expand slowly. Once you feel fully comfortable with that piece, allow for faster or deeper penetration. Promise you, an eight-incher at full velocity feels much different than a five-incher. Give your body time and you’ll be exactly where you need to be in no time!