Article written by Rahmel Reid

LGBTQ+ Icon Lil’ Kim once famously rapped “I used to be scared of the dick, now I throw lips to the shit, I handle it like a real Bitch”, — and you know what, I am almost certain that practice made perfect in her pursuit of handling the dick! Her friends had to give her some tips, don’t you think? So when a dear friend of mine recently detailed his awkward sexual encounter where he embarrassingly struggled with a guy who was hung like a horse, I reassured him that there is hope. And there’s hope for anyone else out there who may struggle to take a big dick. They say pimping ain’t easy — but whoever said that must not have ever tried to take a nine inch thick dick up their ass. Cause that shit certainly isn’t easy either. But there’s definitely some warm-up tricks that you can apply to your experience to make things a lot smoother. Whether you’re sucking it or taking it anally — if the dick is too big, here are some tips on how to handle it like a pro.


While you can definitely “train” your throat, not everyone will be a deepthroat expert. Some people have a severe gag reflex that won’t allow anything more than two inches to penetrate their throat. And if the dick is huge, you can be defeated mentally about trying to throat it even before you start sucking it. But if you can find a patient enough penis, you can certainly try to have him fuck your throat to help improve your performance skills and work on your gag reflex. But deepthroating isn’t the only way to pleasure a (big) dick. Nine times out of ten, a warm and wet mouth will do the trick regardless. You don’t have to give a sloppy blowjob but your mouth should definitely be wet, or filled with saliva. Think of actually massaging the dick with your lips and tongue as opposed to a robotic, open mouthed back and forth motion. A firm (but not annoyingly tight) grip can definitely make the guy feel like he’s getting more than just some head. If the dick is really big, don’t be afraid to use your hands! I like to grip/massage the balls with one hand and slowly suck and stroke the shaft of the dick with the other hand. Definitely more mouth than hand action though. Try to pay attention to what he likes as you suck and focus on that to give that big dick the most pleasure. And for god sakes, don’t suck a dick if you just ate something in the last hour or so. A gag reflex is one thing but throwing up the turkey sandwich you had for lunch is cringe. Put yourself and your digestive system first. I know, it’s a lot to think about but — they don’t call it a job for nothing.


This is a rule of thumb for me! Or rule of anal if you want to be direct. I never take a dick up the ass without warming up. Tops (or guys who pretend to be tops) can tend to be inconsiderate when penetrating some ass and they will just ram that thing in there as if they’re fucking a fleshlight. So to make things easier for all parties involved (you know — you, him, your asshole and his dick), I think it’s imperative to warm-up your as and open it up prior to being fucked. Especially if you’re taking a monster cock. A butt plug or a dildo will do the trick. Start out with lubing your finger and inserting it in your ass. Work it for a couple of seconds in a clockwise motion just to give the bitch a heads up like ‘hey, something’s about to happen here’. But it also just lets the insertion of the butt plug or dildo feel less invasive. Lube up your sex toy and slowly work it in. My personal tip, slide it in as your standing up (slightly bent over) and leave it in there for at least a minute. Then you slowly fuck yourself with it for a few strokes. Finally, take a seat with it still inside of you, as if you were riding a dick. This not only opens you up but it makes him penetrating you and fucking away, a lot more tolerable. This way, you can actually enjoy being fucked. Now the bigger the dick, the longer you play around with that butt plug or dildo in your ass. You wouldn’t take a big exam without doing any prep work prior to, would you? And all that exam is doing is penetrating you mentally. This nine inch dick is about to split you in half, why wouldn’t you prep for that?!


The same type of lube that you use to jerk off may not be the one that’s most suitable for you to get fucked with. This is one of those things that you’ll learn about yourself through trial and error. Or you can just buy a bunch of different types of lubes and use a dildo to try and gauge which feels the most comfortable for you. There are so many different types and brands of lube, you just have to do your research. Silicone, water, cream based — even hybrids. Me personally, I like a soothing and slick hybrid combination. It usually involves a cream base lube and some petroleum jelly. Yes, petroleum jelly! Good for both jerking off and anal penetration. Don’t count it out. But again, this one is personal. Keep in mind, getting fucked should be extremely pleasurable once you get past the initial shock and/or pain of the dick actually penetrating you — so be aware of that when you’re choosing your lube. It should add to the experience by giving you the most pleasure but most importantly the most comfort.


Read this and take it in. YOU are in FUCKING control. Get it? If you are the one taking a dick up your ass, you are the one in fucking control of what’s going on during the sexual encounter. And don’t let anyone else try to tell you otherwise. Sure, you can be submissive but if something isn’t work for you — speak up. Control the positions. You don’t want to micromanage your top throughout the experience but guide him into the positions that make you feel the most comfortable to perform your best. Let’s be honest, taking dick can feel amazing but there can also be some discomfort associated with it, especially if your top has a fat, long ol’ dick. Allowing them to hit it doggy style can leave you vulnerable and at their discretion to pound away. Even if you tell him to go slow, he can be hard-headed (I couldn’t resist this penis pun). So if that doesn’t work for you, try riding him so you can control the depth of penetration and the speed of the fucking. Legs getting tired? Ain’t nothing wrong with missionary. I find that missionary and being face to face while you’re on your back makes the top act as if he has some common sense and compassion. Sure, he can still aggressively pound away — but no matter how endowed he is, this tends to be the more passionate, romantic position. So he tends to handle you with care. However, I will say reserve missionary for the final position. It’s just one of those perfect finale positions out of a R-rated movie.


Now you’re going to take everything you’ve learned and go to task on that big dick. Give both your jaw and your ass a break by switching back and forth on the dick. Now, you need to be thoroughly cleaned out to feel confident doing this. You also need to be an adult about this. No, it’s not nasty and a top loves getting the full experience. Ass to mouth is guaranteed to milk a big dick while allowing you to feel confident in your bottoming abilities and performance. Start out with some head and then slide that dick in your ass. After a minute or two, you massage it with your mouth and tease it for a few minutes then back into your ass. Back and forth until he cums. Now obviously, Ass to Mouth is an acquired taste but don’t knock it until you try it.