Probably you’ve heard some of your female friends bragging about “Josh making my bottle pop three times last night”, and you’ve wondered what it would feel like to be able to climax more than once during sex. Alas, men have not been bestowed with the precious gift of multiple orgasms. But what if this wasn’t exactly so? What if men were also capable of having more than just one big O? If you ask a doctor specialized in human sexuality, he or she will most likely tell you men can’t have multiple orgasms due to the refractory period (i.e. loss of erection) they experience right after cumming. How long this period lasts depends very much on the individual. But the general rule puts it pretty simple: If it’s a young guy, it could be just a few minutes before he’s ready again for action. With older men, however, the refractory period is significantly prolonged, and it could take them hours and even days to be in top form again. The question here is: How to make the pleasure last longer, and what techniques will make you a multi-orgasmic sex god?

This is how you do it.

Understand what exactly ‘multi-orgasmic’ means

The avid readers of gothic novels know that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are one and the same person, no matter how incredible that sounds judging by their looks and behavior. With ejaculation and orgasm it’s quite the opposite - you may think they are the two sides of one coin, but the truth is they are two completely separate occurrences. It’s of crucial importance you realize that if you want to become a sex-god-like creature. You’ve noticed that blowing the load drains you of your energy. Actually, that’s the reason why top athletes are recommended not to have sex before important competitions or games. So, basically it all comes down to learning how to have sex, and keep that energy circulating inside your body for as long as possible, without ejaculating.

Learn to control your breathing

Yes, I know, I know, that’s what your yoga instructor keeps saying all the time, and it’s kinda annoying. However, this is a completely different type of a breathing technique we’re talking about. Now that we already know that our ultimate goal is to prevent premature cumming, it’s important that you remember to slow down your breathing the moment you sense you’re close to ejaculating. And if you learn how to belly breathe, that’ll be just awesome and bring you a step closer to becoming multi-orgasmic. Actually, when you master this type of breathing, not only would your yoga instructor be satisfied, but also any sex partner you have! And you get a bonus pack, too: Practicing belly-breathing daily will eventually decrease significantly your stress levels, and improve your health.

Find your sex muscle

You locate it by stopping your pee mid-flow. The muscle that is activated is called Pubococcygeus muscle, and is the main one of your so-called sex muscles. If you do the start-stop exercise while urinating on a regular basis, soon this muscle will strengthen, and you’ll be able to use it to control the urge to ejaculate during a sex act.

Do Kegels

A.k.a. pelvic floor exercises. That’s the alternative of the peeing exercise. If you do Kegels for five minutes at least two times a day, you’ll notice incredible improvement in your ability to control your urinary leakage.  What’s more, this will also improve the quality of your orgasms. If it’s hard for you to locate the right muscles to strain during the exercises, imagine you are trying to stop the passage of gas. Squeezing these muscles will give you a pulling sensation, and thus you’ll know these are just the right muscles for Kegels. Nota bene! Do NOT tense your buttock, or stomach while doing Kegels because you may ruin the whole effect of the exercise, and even injure yourself.

Make love to your own body

We’re not talking about the usual jerking off while watching lame porn videos. We’re talking about getting to know your body, and carefully exploring all the stages your body goes through when sexually aroused. It’s more or less a spiritual thing. If you succeed in turning masturbation into an act of divine love-making, you’ll be also able to gain control of your arousal.

Ward off ejaculation

If you have already learned how to control your breathing, your sex muscles, and your arousal, avoiding ejaculation shouldn’t be as difficult as you thought it would be. Try this. While jerking, stop a few strokes before cumming. Initiate the deep breathing technique. Squeeze the sex muscles around the prostate. The deep breaths and the contracted muscles around the prostate will prevent the discharge of semen. If you do this the right way, you should experience reflexive contractions, i.e. orgasms. That  means you’ve mastered the art of peaking multiple times without ejaculating. So, congrats!