Article written by Alexander Rodriguez, host of On the Rocks with Alexander

Cesar Xes is so comfortable with his sexuality, his last name backward spells “SEX”. Don’t let his young looks deceive you, he’s been in the adult film industry since the early 2000s, and his face, and other body parts, have become long-lasting fan favorites in the adult biz. He is a power verse and quite talented at whatever position he takes, hung in front and bubble in the back. During COVID, his fans have had a more intimate view of Cesar’s work through his JustForFans.

His sexual exploration would start at an early age, with a chance encounter with his parents’ porn. His comfort and agility of his body would come from being classical training in dance, making his body tight but also extremely…extremely flexible. He has grown up before our eyes, maturing from twink to the hottie we see today. He only gets better with age.

We chatted with Cesar over a bottle of champagne about his sexual incarnation, dating, and favorite scene work.

What was your childhood like?

I️ was bullied a lot in my childhood and all throughout school, from kindergarten to middle school. When I️ got to high school it got a little better. I️ went to a performing arts high school in a better part of town and there were tons of LGBTQ kids there, so I️ felt safe. I️ would try to be in every show so I️ could stay as late as possible because older teens and people in their twenties that sold drugs and hung out in my neighborhood would throw 40 oz beer bottles at me and call me all kind of homophobic things when I got home. When I️ go home now it’s completely different, they’re all on my dick and asking for money and, funny enough, a few turned out gay.

You were classically trained in ballet and musical theatre?

Yes, those were my majors in high school. It was really awesome and is how I️ met the first couple of guys I️ messed around with. Dancers are great in bed, lol! I️ also trained in modern dance, jazz, and I️ was a natural hip hop dancer and taught many classes.

What did you learn most about the entertainment business from that instruction?

Ballet is very strict and disciplined. If I️ was ever late or not properly dressed I️ was not allowed to take the class. I would have to sit on the sideline and watch, IT KILLED ME!! I️ have the worst FOMO. So I’m always on time and prepared no matter what I’m doing. It also gave me some acting skills which help with B-role and learning scripts. I️ took video production classes there which helps me with filming and editing my own content. The skills I️ learned in ballet and dance classes helped me pick up pole dancing very easily. I️ love to mix my training in with my pole work. I️ think it elevates it. A pointed toe always looks better on the pole!

Your relationship with sex started early when you discovered porn under your parents’ bed?

Yes! I️ was 7 years old when I️ found a VHS of the deluxe edition of “The Devil In Ms. Jones 2 & 3” with interviews with all the stars at the end. I️ knew at that point that’s what I️ wanna do when I️ grow up. I️ said it once on career day in grade school and my parents got in trouble, lol. But I️ shot my first scene in Chicago when I was 18 on the day I️ was supposed to be walking down the aisle to get my high school diploma.

You also got into the business at a very early age, what are the benefits and what are some of the negatives about starting the industry that young?

Starting out so young your body changes as you start to grow up so people that liked me when I️ was a lil twink didn’t like when I️ put a lil meat on my bones. I️ been told my career was over many times by different producers and agents but I’ve always evolved and have made hundreds of films since, including some that I️ was cast in by those same people who counted me out. Never let someone put you down in any industry you work in, it feels SOOOOO GOOD to prove them wrong!

Your boyfriend, at the time, is the one that actually helped you get into the business – he was in the business too…do you still date people in the industry or???

Dating since taking my career seriously has proven to be really, really difficult. People think it’s cool and hot at first. But then when the reality kicks in and they see everything that it takes and how much time it consumes traveling, the go-go dancing, the club appearances, regulars, etc, they feel like they are sharing you. Dating people in the industry can be tricky as well it can get a lil competitive. I’m a romantic at heart and I️ would really love to date. I️ think dating in the industry would be best for me. However, all the ones interested in dating who I️ would be interested in seem to be taken already. Anyone looking for a third?

We’ve seen you grow up from a twink to a more mature Cesar…did you ever have any feelings about getting older on camera?

I’m ok with it. I️ think I’m aging pretty ok lol. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times that I’m not the happiest with the shape I️ was in some films but it just motivates me to change. Plus daddy porn is soooo in right now!

What scenes are your favorite to film?

I️ love filming for bigger studios that have a full script and sets costumes etc. I️ love doing all the B-Role and all that other stuff. Makes me feel like an actual Porn Star.

What kind of guys are your favorite to film with?

I️ love when my scene partner is really into it and we have our lil set romance as soon as we meet. It’s always weird when you can tell they're not really into it. I️ don't like it to feel like work. Stay in the moment, people!!

What kind of guys is your favorite to date?

I️ like people who are affectionate, thoughtful, and funny. I️ find talented people to be very attractive. I️ have no type whatsoever.

You love going commando, but when you DO wear underwear – what kind is your favorite?

I️ like wearing the “Almost Naked line of Andrew Christians” – they are super comfortable and give you plenty of room in the crotch area so I don’t feel all bunched up. And I️ can still show off.

If you were to write a book on how to tip a go-go dancer, what rules would be in that book?

Well, the first rule would be TIP!!!!

Don’t be cheap and handsy.

Be respectful

Let the dancer take the lead in where they are comfortable being touched, getting too handsy can cost us fines or our jobs and can get the club in trouble.

You have filmed bisexual porn, how do you get in the mood to film with a girl?

I’m very open sexually I like men women trans. In my dating life, I️ am gay. But I️ guess I’m pan-sexual when it comes to sex. I try not to get too caught up with the labels and still be respectful about how other people identify themselves.

You are a power verse…would you be able to fall in love with someone who is only a top or a bottom?

Hmmmmmm. I’ve been in relationships that were just a top or bottom. It never really bothered me either way. I️ guess I️ just couldn’t be with someone who expected me to be 100 percent monogamous sexually. I️ can only be emotionally monogamous.

What’s your craziest hookup story?

I️ lived next door to this gay couple and their 25-year-old son. After a few drinks, I️ ended up hooking up with the two fathers, and soon into the sex the one guy's son came in and joined in!!! It was super hot!! Relax guys, the actual father and son didn’t mess around with each other. Just with me and his stepdad.

What sex tips do you have for someone who is verse?

You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready!

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christians, what would they look like?

I️ feel like Andrew and his team have pretty much covered all cuts and designs. I️ would like to do a line for their Almost Naked and design my own print with my cartoon version printed all over it with XES-SEX on the front of the band, and bottoms to remove the front pouch for easy cock access…that also comes in a jock for my flip-fucking moments.

You can follow Cesar on IG: @CesarX_Official