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Massimo Piano had a remarkable career as one of the biggest studs in porn. We couldn't get enough of his ass poundings, and now we're chatting with him in our latest Porn Star Tea!

This horny daddy had a lot to say about his time in the X-rated business. If you're looking for new videos though, don't wait up! His time in porn is behind pun intended. Even though he's moved on from porn, he has plenty of lasting memories.

Read on below for more details from Massimo and be sure to follow him on Instagram!

Who was Massimo Piano before the porn world?

I have always been the same person, before and after porn. Porn was something extra in my life and something that I really enjoyed doing. I'm an architect and work in real estate, and when I started porn, I never quit my job. Porn was something extra, like a second job.

What made you want to do porn?

It was always a fantasy to do porn. And when a producer offered me to do it, I just went for it. I felt so good doing it, and liked it a lot. After my first solo was released, other producers started to contact me because they wanted to have me. So, from there, it was non-stop of shooting.

Why did you quit?

I decided to quit it because I was working so hard. I'm an architect, so I work from Monday to Fridays, and every Saturday and Sunday, I was traveling around Europe to shoot or to do shows in clubs. So, there was a point when I was exhausted and wanted to focus 100 percent of my energies in my job.

How would you compare yourself from when you first started to where you are now?

I was always the same. I know everyone in the porn industry used to call me “The Princess” on my back because everyone thinks I'm a diva, but it's not like that. I'm actually very shy, and that's the reason why I usually don't talk to other actors behind the scene of a shooting or backstage of nightclubs. Besides, I always thought: “I'm here to do my job, and that's it”.

Blowjobs or rimjobs?

I prefer to do a blowjob, and to be rimmed.

Favorite spot to cum?

On top of my ass.

Favorite fetishes?

My favourite fetish is to play with hot gear, and love wearing thongs with tall socks and harnesses. I also like a lot of leather.

What was your hottest scene?

The hottest scene for me was one I shot with Rogan Richards for his production. I liked it a lot because it was more “homemade” let's say...I was wearing a thong, and it was a very real and hot scene.

Best way to get you turned on?

Touching and playing with my ass.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions about porn?

I think the biggest misconception about porn is that everyone thinks it's a lot of sex and craziness. The truth is, there is a lot of work behind every shoot, and many hours. Sometimes, it can take up to eight hours of shooting to make a scene, so believe me, it's not so hot…hahaha.

What was the dating life like as a porn star?

I never had a problem with this. The only problem I might think of, is that some people want to date you because you are a porn star, and they are in love with you because they are your fans. In those cases, I stepped forward because I didn't want a fan- I wanted a boyfriend. Thankfully, I have my boyfriend for the last year-and-a-half, and I'm so happy with him and love him like crazy.

Would you ever go back to porn?

I don't think I would go back. I believe it was a phase in my life and that is over. Besides, I always thought it had an expiration date, and I preferred to quit when I was on top, and not to wait until the career was over. Anyway, there is something I always say: “NEVER SAY NEVER!”

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