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  • Andrew Christian Spring 2014 Model Search

  • We Won! We Won!

    For those of you who don't know already, Queerty, one of the most popular gay sites on the web, does an annual "award ceremony", paying tribute to all of the highlights (and low points) of the past year. These awards, called the "Queerties", are presented in categories like "Next Big Queer", "Bad Boy Lust Object", "Top Jock", and "Closet Door Bustdown".

    Andrew Christian was recently recognized with one such award, the award for "Twerker of the Year". We're not saying that this is a huge deal, but we did beat out the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. That's deserving of a hair flip at least...

    DSC_0755Really quick, we'd like to say thanks to everyone who worked on the video behind the camera, and everyone who werqued on the video in front of the camera. We'd also like to thank Queerty for the nomination, and the fans for all their love and support! We can't think of a better way to celebrate than to revisit the video that won us the award in the first place: "Twerk Off". It's not just a celebration of the's a celebration of Trophy Boys and all of the reasons why we love them. And what better way to celebrate than to get up close and personal?

    So yeah, let's all celebrate by watching the boys twerk some more. Speaking of trophies, do we get one? Or what about a cash prize? Hello? Anyone?

  • Welcome to the New!



    We’ve been hard at work for a while now, putting together an entire new site for you guys with a cleaner look, easier navigation, and new features.

    One new feature you may notice is our “Models” section, which is now your one-stop-shop to keep tabs on your favorite AC models. If you click on the heading in the top navigation bar, it’ll take you to a complete list of guys who have modeled for us. Click on a model to see their bio, find their official social media links, and see all of their photos and videos. No more searching across the web to keep track of your favorite AC you can do it all in one place!

    But we’re probably most excited about our “Famous Fan” section. Over the years, you guys, the fans, have helped shaped Andrew Christian into the fan-driven brand that it is today. The “Famous Fans” section is our way of giving back to you guys for being so awesome to us. Fill in your email address and name and submit your photo or video, and we’ll feature it in our site! We’ll also provide you with a custom link to share on Facebook and Twitter, so that your followers will all be able to see you featured on!

    Famous Fan 4

    We’re also unveiling our “Members Only” section, which is a  loyalty program lets you earn points with every “like”, “share”, and purchase...points that you can redeem for discounts or even free Andrew Christian products!

    The more you share, interact, and buy, the more you earn! It’s just another way for AC to say “thank you” to all of you fans for being so awesome!

    So feel free to explore this new site and take advantage of everything it has to offer. Be sure to check back on this blog, too, for the latest news on Andrew Christian products, models, events, press, and more!


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