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When you're about to get it on with your man, sometimes it helps to add a little fantasy in the mix. If both of you have good imaginations, then some role play can build up a fun atmosphere. Of course, it requires communication since not everyone has the same taste in acting out sexual scenarios. You might love the idea of getting fucked by your doctor, but your boyfriend might find that super awkward. Or, maybe he's fantasized about doing a colleague at work, but when it comes to your job, it is strictly professional- whether it's in real life or in the imagination. The great thing about role play though is that the options are endless. So get creative!

For now, here are some scenarios that could make your sex life a LOT more enticing!

College Roommates

Ah, the idea of going away to college as a young adult experiencing life on your own...parties, alcohol and getting the horny out. In this scenario, your college housing gave you a “roommate” who happens to be a hot gay boy. Yes! Your scenario could be you and your roomie hanging out in the “dorm” chatting about school and your GPA over a few drinks. You're both young, energetic and horny as hell, and both of you need a night off from studying. Bringing back that sexy 20-year-old is bound to make you feel satisfied.

Construction workers

Nothing like building up a sweat, right? Especially if both of you have the bodies for it. The two of you can work on some outside project in your sexy helmets when it gets hot out. So you both take your shirts off and bend over in those tight jeans to finish your outside task. Then you coyly tell your “partner” that all this hard work is tiring you out and you need a break. So you go inside and tell him that you've both been working hard today. Sounds like you guys need a much longer break.

Doctor and Patient

In real life, going to the doctor can be pretty dull. Lying on top of a bed with a giant piece of paper underneath you and waiting for 45 minutes for the doc to finally come in is never fun. But when your boy walks in with a white lab coat and carrying a stethoscope around his neck, it can definitely make the waiting room feel more exciting. You tell your “doctor” that you've been having a cramp in your back muscle and it's really bothering you. So he asks you to take your shirt off to get a better look. Then when he feels for that pain, you tell him to move down lower...lower...lower...and the rest is in his hands!

Prince and Prince

Why not try a more magical sex life with a fairy tale scene? If you've read all those books and seen movies with a happily ever after, maybe you could find out what really happens when you wake up from a deep sleep. Maybe true love's kiss could turn into true love's blowjob. Then “Prince Charming” takes you away to his castle and gets inside YOUR happy ending.

Stalker and Resident

For all you scary movie fans who thought it would be fun to play the victim, here is your chance! You can play the lonely neighbor drinking a glass of wine at home when the phone suddenly rings. You answer and there's a mysterious stranger on the other line asking if you want to have a little “fun.” Then he tells you he's feeling kind of hot tonight...sounds like he's looking for some action. In a way, you're frightened...but kind of turned on. The exhilaration rises higher when he says how sexy you look in that outfit. It turns out he's watching you from the bedroom window! He breaks in and you run for it! You're about to get away, but this sexy madman stops you! Now both of you are in for one erotic thrill!


One of the most intriguing role play ideas! You join your soon-to-be “brother” in the living room while he's watching TV or playing a video game. You have some small talk, but he's only half-listening because he's not all that excited that his mom is marrying your dad. Well, there's one way he can get over that. Clearly, he needs to get fucked and that's okay. After all, you're not brothers yet...

Stripper and Client

How many times have you thought about fucking a stripper? You could play the role of the depressed gentleman who just went through a rough break-up and needs a night out. So you go to a club, have a drink and watch a sexy go-go boy in those tight undies putting on a show. He sees you out there and notices how sad you are. So he asks if a private lap dance would make you feel better. He takes you in the back room and you take a seat. Your stripper spreads his legs and grinds on you giving you some good pleasure. But there's a rule in private dances- no touching allowed? Not this time! The stripper guides your hand on his chest, then down his undies...and the rest is hot stripper sex!

Vampire and Slave

Let's get hardcore with some bloody good fun! You could be the innocent soul who's out in the woods trying to find his way home. And suddenly a mysterious stranger shows up out of nowhere. He's so dark and handsome, but so strange. You tell him you've lost your way home. He knows another place you can call home- it's known as the you get lost in his wandering eyes and he reaches down to give your neck a sweet kiss. He craves your pulsing blood. A scenario like this is bound to make you ooze more than just blood.

Give these role play ideas a shot and you're in for some passionate fun!

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