Article by Ben Haynes

Miranda Hobbes once said, “Sex is not a time to chat.” No offense, Miranda, but I have to disagree. I may identify too much with your friend, Samantha, but I think that the bedroom is one of the places where the words you say have the most effect on a person, both physically and emotionally.

Dirty talk with your sexual partner is a fantastic way to let them know how you really feel about them and what you want from them. We’re gay men, which means we’ve all seen our fair share of raunchy porn videos. One common thing in these videos is a hefty amount of dirty talk amongst the stars. It’s safe to say some of it is incredibly hot, while other interactions make us cringe.

Every person’s preferences are different, but there’s a way to take that tacky talk and make it hot. Let’s explore how to do so.

Drop the Generic Banter

If the best you can say to your sex partner is that they have a “big dick” or a “tight hole,” you’re not being specific enough, and it’s better if you shut up while you’re ahead. Instead, try being more specific about how big their dick or tight their hole is.

Try these phrases:

“Your dick is stretching me out so much, I don’t think I can take the whole thing!”
“Your hole is so perfect, I might not last long. It’s gonna take every drop of cum I have!”

Curate Your Dirty Talk to Your Partner

As you explore your partner’s body, notice the finer details unique to them.

If their biceps bulge enough to see some veins, comment on how strong they are while grabbing or kissing their arms. If they tend to precum as you play with them, get your fingers wet with it and make sure they know how hot it is that they’re already dripping. If their nipples get hard and they’re into it, play with them while you tell them how their hard nipples are making your dick throb.

Build your man to feel like a god, and he’ll give you the sex of your dreams.

Know How Much is Too Much

Too much of a good thing can become overload. Although I disagreed with Miranda earlier, she does have a slight point. If you overdo the dirty talk, it can become tacky. Worse yet, it can come off as insincere and ultimately turn your partner off.

Find the perfect balance of words and play; you might be more satisfied than you thought possible. Try it out with your man and watch your sex life take a turn for the better!